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Are you looking for the best 2 Hp Humidifiers? Let’s go ahead and have a look at our top 10 best 2 Hp Humidifiers in May 2019.

We have scanned 9,440 reviews and come down with top 10 best 2 Hp Humidifiers from products.

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1 First Place ML110 Gen9 RPS Enablement Kit ML110 Gen9 RPS Enablement Kit
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2 Best Value Hewlett Packard Enterprise Humidifier Chf03V2001, 718588-001 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Humidifier Chf03V2001, 718588-001
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🌺LEVOIT Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier LV550HH (Humidity Monitor)Review 👈

we have a new humidifier to look at today it's made by LEVOIT and it's botha cool and warm mist humidifier and it includes a humidity monitor so here'sthe box that it came then we'll take a look look at that and then get the boxout of the way it says it has an easy read display panel warm and cold mistsettings with five miss levels quiet ultrasonic operation customizablehumidity levels and a dual three seven hundred and sixty degree nozzle so thisis the Lavoie lv 550 h h warm and cool mist humidifierso this unifier comes with an instruction manual and a remote controlit has a very large capacity it holds 5.

5 liters to allow for twentyto thirty hours of continuous use so I've got this by Dan we're going to fillthis up and show you how it works so the first thing you do is unlock the tankthere's a little knob on the side you remove the cap from the top of the tankand then you lift the handles remove the water tanknow this handle is not to be used to carry the entire unit but it's just tolift the water tank out you turn the tank over remove the cap and then we'regonna go over to the sink and fill it with water you can use up to 5.

5 litersor one per four gallons so let's get some water in herenow the user manual does recommend distilled water for best results but noteveryone has distilled water on hand so you can use regular tap water and that'swhat we're using now so you replace the cap on the bottom and tighten it andthen just put it back on the unitand that was easy and and then you lock this to you after you replace the tankyou lock the safety lock in our block so here we have the remote control thatcomes with it as you could see on the very top we havethe on and off button and start it up right away it'll go through the otherbuttons on this here we have the display button so we can turn the display offand yet still runs yeah that's good if you don't want the the light if you'reusing it to sleep now we also have a light button which in darker light thistank will light up a little bit that's a cool future we do have a timerbutton we also have a warm button for warmer air a humidity button and a mistlevel button there's also a plus and minus there as wellnow I'm looking through the camera display and it looks like the light isflickering but it actually when you look at the unit it's not that's just theeffect against of the the LCD light so the LCD does display your timer so weare going to turn the timer on you can see it is set for one minute so we'regoing to have it set for Oh first you get your midst level when you're settingit so right now it's at miss level one then two threefour and five so miss level is 5 is the highest miss level you can have thetimer you can set for 2 minutes 3 as high as you want you just press thetimer button you don't touch the plus or minus down at the bottom and of courseyou can control this from the unit itself as well if you don't want to usethe remote you can see the functions right there on the front yes touchscreen the touch screen here works as well so we can look into that as wellthey're the same as on your controller so there's not much of a change herethis number right here the 54 is your relative humidity level so it's 54%right now and then up at the top will you can see that there's space for acouple other light lights so this little drop if you can see it on there there'sa little drop it's called the mist icon if you get a red mist with an X throughit I know it doesn't show but because we have water in it it's called the nowater indicator so if you don't have water in there and you're trying to useit it will let you know there will be a red looking mist icon and I'll turn thaton right now there we go the red little mist if you can see thatthat is the warm mist icon and then turn the nightlight on so you can see thatright there now of course your temperature can be changed betweenFahrenheit and Celsius as well it is super quiet it says in the manualthat it's only 36 DB 36 decibels I mean I don't I don't hear a thinghere's my air conditioner going off in the back it's very quiet so on the topthe mist output is changeable so you can change it both on that once you can haveit close together oh that's such a coffee you're right on top of snow or itcould happen going in opposite directions I think that would be greatif you're trying to spread it throughout a room and you can really see that messcoming out yes like I said on the highest setting it's on level 5 okaywe'll show you another interesting feature about this humidifier and thatis that you can add essential oil to the unit so you can use it as a know of atherapy diffuser also now I would recommend you only add a little bitbecause the out the mist output of this is so large you don't put the oil rightinto the tank you take the aroma part right here pushit in yeah they call it a Roma box yeah and you dab your aroma or essential oiloils on here and a couple drops probably enough it does come with extra pads forif you want to replace it or if it's going bad or it looks kind of disgustingokay so that pad okay I was warning about that pad that's for the aroma boxyes and it's very easy to put back in all you do is push all you do is push inthere you go and the instruction manual does have instructions for how to cleanthe unit so you should take a look at thatso what I really like about this humidifier is the screen because itprovides a temperature and humidity level and lots of information and I muchprefer I prefer quantitative information rather than some sort of a dial just adial up and down I'm really looking forward to using this once we turn theheat back on in the next month or so because the air hair gets so dry withthe heat and a humidifier is just invaluable for that they actually thehumidity in the air will help give the perception of a warmer environment andalso help with allergies and you get that dry feeling up in your sinusesthese are all many people use these in children's rooms if used pretty muchanywhere in your house I would think you do want to probably put it in yourbedroom or in your living space your family around living around I have Ihave several other products by Levoit I think they're a good company from fromwhat I can tell they have great customer support and the on the user manual hereit gives the email address and a phone number for customers for comments orquestions and their products seem to be very well-made all right so that is allwe have for the LEVOIT humidifier please make sure you check the descriptionsection below to find out a little bit more about this and see product linkswhere you could get yours thanks for watchingyou.