Top 10 Best Trick Scooters - Jul 2019

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Are you looking for the best Trick Scooters? Let’s go ahead and have a look at our top 10 best Trick Scooters in Jul 2019.

We have scanned 27,523 reviews and come down with top 10 best Trick Scooters from Sports & Outdoors products.

Here are our top 10 best Trick Scooters in 2019 reviews. Take a look at our recommended items and learn more about the features of each to help you select the item to buy.

Rank Product Name Score
1 First Place Xspec 911 Pro Stunt Kick Scooter w/ Strong 6061 Aluminum Deck - 220lb Xspec 911 Pro Stunt Kick Scooter w/ Strong 6061 Aluminum Deck - 220lb
By Xspec
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2 Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter (2018 Gold) Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter (2018 Gold)
By Fuzion
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3 Swagtron ST046 Stunt Scooter: Trick Scooter for BMX or Amateur Riders - Ultra Swagtron ST046 Stunt Scooter: Trick Scooter for BMX or Amateur Riders - Ultra
By Swagtron
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4 Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooters - Trick Scooter - Intermediate and Beginner Stunt Scooters Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooters - Trick Scooter - Intermediate and Beginner Stunt Scooters
By Fuzion
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5 AccelaVelo Stealth Black Stunt Kick Scooter | HD Solid Wheels & Bars | AccelaVelo Stealth Black Stunt Kick Scooter | HD Solid Wheels & Bars |
By AccelaVelo
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6 Best Value Arcade Defender Pro Scooters – Stunt Scooter for Kids 8 Years and Up Arcade Defender Pro Scooters – Stunt Scooter for Kids 8 Years and Up
By Arcade Scooters
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7 Vokul BZIT K1 Freestyle Pro Scooter - All New Design - 4.4" x Vokul BZIT K1 Freestyle Pro Scooter - All New Design - 4.4" x
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8 SANVIEW Freestyle Pro Stunt Scooter with Durable Frame and 100mm Wheels and Color SANVIEW Freestyle Pro Stunt Scooter with Durable Frame and 100mm Wheels and Color
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9 Vokul TRII S2 Pro Freestyle Stunt Scooter with 100mm Wheels -White/Black Vokul TRII S2 Pro Freestyle Stunt Scooter with 100mm Wheels -White/Black
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10 Vokul Freestyle Pro Stunt Scooter for Entry Level Scooter Rider Vokul Freestyle Pro Stunt Scooter for Entry Level Scooter Rider
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Your Guide to Buying an Trick Scooters

Why should buy a tricky scooter?

If you are riding a scooter and want to start all types of stunts and tricks, you will need to do some upgrades. Today's market is full of various trick scooters, which makes it difficult for experienced users: when you receive our expert recommendations, you can buy an exceptional trick scooter from various e-commerce websites.

Important Features of Trick Scooters

What do you think about buying a trick scooter?

Trick scooters differ slightly from normal scooters. They are specially designed for stunts and made of strong alloy wheels with a diameter of 100 mm. Fancy and smart-looking tricks equipped with small, high-speed wheels are products that help riders, especially kids, skateboards and show their moves to their friends. After passing thousands of scooter review tricks, we've compiled a list of factors that should be taken into account before considering each buyer:

Go for a flexible break: See if the scooter that has a flexible break does not have spring breaks that help drivers with stunts.

Make sure the scooter has a grip: Buy products that hold on the deck This protects you from deploying decks (there are special handle mechanisms for better control.) Another important factor to check is to avoid an accident.

Choose an Unfolded Scooter: Scooters, which are essentially normal scooters, do not allow the public scooters - they act as tricks scooters and can do tricks

Avoid Adjustable Handlabbers: Choose a trick scooter that does not have an adjustable handlebar. Non-adjustable handbill stunts are for scooters, so they stay firm during stunts

Choose a strong deck: it cannot stand extra pressure.

Find an effective compression system: Choose a trick scooter with compression system that keeps the deck, handlebar and headset in proper strain.

Learn what you want before buying a trick scooter, and then buy your budget with the right specifics.


You know you have that video that?I made just a couple of days ago where I put really chea poop on my really expensive scooterWell, we're going to remake that whole scenario that whole situationWe're going to do it again, but if you haven't seen that video click up hereI'll take you straight to the video so um this is an MV 1 complete these are the wheels thatI wrote the other day same exact wheelsObviously if you watch the video the other wheels were pink these ones were like a really bright yellowWe're going to be writing the entire scooter so like these girlsDid it they did a pretty good job when I actually rode just these wheels on my scooter?But I want to see what the entire scooter could actually do onWith me a pro rider on it because these these scooters are meant for really really big in a riderSo it's got a 2-piece bar the decks really small.

It's meant for something that's really learning soThat's not what we're going to do today.

We're not going to learn we're going to do tricks that are really like they're difficultwe're going to do expert tricks on a really cheap beginner scooter andWe're going to see how it doesAll rightSo here's like the top piece of the bar the thing about these dudes is they comeLike the actual bass in the bars the clamp from the corkIt's all just black everything's is plain black and then you can choose your wheel color bar and stuff like thatThat's like the bottom of the bar is like the the down to come with their own like set the tools to I think thisIs like a seven and there's two fives in there?So for your wheels and I'm assuming that this would be for the top of the barIt's connected with just a bowl and it has like these grooves on the bottom right here.

These grooves fit in toDrew's that are on the bottom or on the top of the bar right hereAnd then that bolt goes to the bottom right thereSo we're going to put this together and see how this thing goes because I've never actually ridden one of these before I've seen themI've seen kids ride them, but I've personally never ridden oneBut we're going to see how she feelsPut the bars on backwards.

There's a little press logo on here that little press logo that goes in frontBars are pushed togetherWe're going to get the bolt and we're going throw the bolt to the top right hereYou leave these spaces on exactly the way.

They arethey're put on correctly so we're going to slide these into the top of the bar right here, andTighten them with the big allen that came with the with the scoopGet this nice and tight, just make sure that you don't cross thread your poleI'm going to put this little cap on top.

I've seen a lot of people that don't put a little cap on the topIt's basically let's let's focus in on this a little bit basically all it is is just a little rubber pieceBut that little rubber piece is going to keep this this whole and like this bolt right hereSafe from like any corrosion or anything like that, so you really should put this thing inside hereSo this doesn't get rusty or nasty or anything like that.

So now I'm going to put my wheels on my scooterGood to go like I said earlier these are the exact same wheels that I wrote in that last videoHeadset is the same headset.

The shims a little bit different than the oneI normally ride the deck is obviously a lot different brakes not the nylon brakes, but everything should work perfectly fineso I'm going to slide these bars on really quick, and I need to put my bar ends intoBone bars are on.

I'll see to small for me.

We know that move table this two-piece bar actually, it's pretty solidNot loose or anything like that.

I'm pushing it like side to sideIt doesn't move anything like anyway like that either so as a wholesee the whole accident IActually wasn't expecting it to be I guess though the cool thing about used to is that they come withyour own sticker sheetso if you want to put this sticker on the bottom of your deck you can almost dig this thing up a little bit andThen we're going to cruise in this game parks the other thing is all right, so we're in the skate park right nowWhat is in this park even cold I will?Indoor Plaza all right the indoor applause right now.

We have the scootI'm sure you guys would know if the scoot is dialed because I literally just now built it so we will show youWe're getting ready count me down.

3 2 11Is that pretty good? Yeah? Good right? You do it now?You do it you do it.

OhHi Party foul Hey everybody clap for himWhy are you clapping? You're not supposed to be clapping.

We are gonna ride the scoot for a little while.

We're gonna do a few tricks.

Does anyone else wanna do trick on this thing? I'm first I'm firstOK.

We got Pedro.

Pedro is going to help us film.

Let's do some tricks where should I go first?Also, I put my stickers on I don't wanna hit anybody in the head I got my Envy one sticker hereI rode it a little bit.

I put my envy stickers like a little bit crooked on this oneI put it crooked on this one and the sticker that's supposed to be right here on the barsI want the bars like a little plainSo I put the big design that's what's going the bars on the bottom of the deck.

I think it looks goodSo we're going to do some tricks has this little flyout right here.

What should I start with you, okay? Oh?WHAT A DOUBLE BRY! Do you see how small the ramp is?!Do a 360 tailwhipYeah, what's on your amp three six five seven all right look at that seems?You know three whip once I was a bit these bars are really really short for you boy toCheck them out my super short so uh this is more fit for this kid yeah, well, what will?What will hope that this works? I'll do it.

Ohare there so short soTiny the bar chef rescue.

Yes, goodthe bars district from all this everybody knows it's front heavy so that's good for front scoop center sure I have to lean back sofarNow is I hit my panic elated in sketch.

That's how short these things always like I pulled the deck upI think that that could be was it back of the bars.

I think you're comingWhat are the tests the world's first knees for a square foot?I got player something on that deep one we're going to a fire that steep sketchy quarter horseJust I'll do check itSounds good.

We need something to scratch up the bottom of things so who's got brian.

Oh, you guys well um what?Surreal literal about you isBrendan what I am hell.

She does at least give us one shot.

I'll do with one shotWell wrongThat was his first ever grind on this down rail on his scooterBut now he has to do it on the one wherever it went so good.

It was really good you got itDustin it alright.

How you feel?Alright, so luke sent it like multiple times on that railYou really try to get it, but you have some a condition really hardenedIt's swollen up, so we're gonna let him chill for a little bit bones this guy.

He's gonna ride the scooter right nowHe's gonna get a couple of more scratches on the bottom that thing.

He's going to hit the where right nowYou just hey you to the ledge to rightmy perfect goHey, oh, I came at the wrong angleBy butter, we're doing it the event I smacked that foot do only deep end yetNo, just doing deep in right just remember dude you gotta bring a homeState bring her home ohMy God go - that's actually really good - hell's legit be honest.

How's that feel those be okay?Though solid because all right it's little but it's all it.

Can you did you know that lavars her to peace?juvy yeah the two pieces how does that work so see right here aLot and I like on the top you get this little bolt in the middleI wrote it to like alright, so sweet okay cool.

I'm glad you like itAlright my God.

Let me get your back on that.

Let me get your backIt's so weird because they're so tiny alright, so now we are on top of the drops at the momentWe're going to do a couple tricks on the one into the foam pit, and maybe a couple things on the reggie as wellWe'll have some the homies like you you're going to do somethingHe's been challenging me all day with the whole drop testing so I'll jump I'll drop into the phone a few timesLet's do a couple flips on it and see see how it feels because obviously like I said the bars are a little short forMe so don't hang like slips in the foam is going to be really interestingIt's going really weird, and I don't know exactly how it's going to work out, but we're going to test all right record right nowOkayyou knowWhat I hate my face, all right, we got Rob Young's food nowWell you thin warm up with the tripled and we'll go harder from thereSo click the card right nowLet me know if you guys think that rob is going to be able to do triple flip first.

Go wheels down you're Gonna beAlright ride alright.

Be good though.

Oh sure fellas your boys get raffle drop ohyes, ran you overThat was gnarly dude.

I can't believe it worked outRicky just came oh my GodRicky just came through and Ricky's going to try to um he's going to try to castle this thing you Ricky here's the helmetLegacy I got great hairLook good.

Tell me.

I look good.

Hey, Ricky.

I look good ILook goodYou wear so low you want to run again?Oh, he's got leaving I go the other woodward's we see how it is good job bruh first off flip right now on not hisScooter do it need for sleep alrightGo yeahMy name is Luther sir.

I got stuff alreadyHaha, you want to try that again.

Yeah, okay.


Just do that again cuz that look like it suckedWhat's going on here? I'm going to art.

Yeah, we knowLet me give us a shot is it really that much different for you right now?Well, not really cuz my scooters like that, but the wheels just feel so much different from mineI'm not going to do it fly out because I'm scared to let on my butt like you didSo I'm going to try go over the whole thing and see how that goesI love you saw that but like I slipped so slow in the beginning and pulled it in super gnArly, but felt fineI went fast it was smooth, and I think it was a successful date.

What do you think?He was a good day all right well in comparisonThis Cooter actually did extremely well itThe Barge and fly operating on Sac because the two-piece the wheels are obviously totally fine the grips feel greatBut this scoot is meant for very much a beginner rider.

So if you're my size or anything closeThis scooter like I said, it's meant for somebody that's small.

It's durableI'm not saying it's not durableand it will definitely get you through the things that you need to need to learn stuff like that when you're younger, butGreat scoot.

I enjoyed it had a good time, and I think we're going to give this scooter to LukeBut really he hugged himself on that rail, and I think you deserves it.

Do you think it deserves it?Cool.

Luke's good job.

Thank you guys for watching as always andI'm out lateryou.