Top 10 Best Walking Canes For Women - Jun 2019

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Rank Product Name Score
1 First Place DMI Deluxe Lightweight Adjustable Walking Cane with Soft Foam Offset Hand Grip, For DMI Deluxe Lightweight Adjustable Walking Cane with Soft Foam Offset Hand Grip, For
By Duro-Med
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2 Best Value Basic adjustable folding cane Basic adjustable folding cane
By Vaunn
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3 KingGear Adjustable Cane for Men & Women - Lightweight & Sturdy Offset Walking KingGear Adjustable Cane for Men & Women - Lightweight & Sturdy Offset Walking
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4 Folding Cane by Vive - Walking Cane for Men & Women - Collapsible Folding Cane by Vive - Walking Cane for Men & Women - Collapsible
By Vive
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5 Folding Cane by Saymeto, Lightweight Walking Cane for Men and Women, Adjustable Walking Folding Cane by Saymeto, Lightweight Walking Cane for Men and Women, Adjustable Walking
By Saymeto
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6 Ez2care Adjustable Folding Cane with Carrying Case, Black Ez2care Adjustable Folding Cane with Carrying Case, Black
By Ez2care
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7 BigAlex Folding Walking Cane with LED Light,Pivoting Quad Base,Adjustable Walking Stick with Carrying BigAlex Folding Walking Cane with LED Light,Pivoting Quad Base,Adjustable Walking Stick with Carrying
By BigAlex
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8 Hugo Mobility Quadpod Offset Cane with Ultra Stable Cane Tip, Aquamarine Hugo Mobility Quadpod Offset Cane with Ultra Stable Cane Tip, Aquamarine
By Hugo Mobility
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9 NOVA Designer Offset Handle Cane, Maui Flowers NOVA Designer Offset Handle Cane, Maui Flowers
By NOVA Medical Products
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10 Vive Walking Cane - for Men & Women - Portable, Adjustable Offset Balance Vive Walking Cane - for Men & Women - Portable, Adjustable Offset Balance
By Vive
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Best Walking Stick for Balance, Steps to Self Defense- BOOYAH!

♪ Bob and Brad ♪♪ The two most famous ♪♪ Physical therapists on the internet ♪(Brad grunts)- Hi, folks, I'm Bob Schrupp, physical therapist.

- Brad Heineck, physical therapist.

- Together, we are the most famousphysical therapists on the internet.

- In our opinion, of course, Bob.

- In need of speech therapists, obviously.

Today, we're gonna talk about the best walking stickfor balance, steps, and self defense.

Booyah! - Booyah.

What a combo, Bob, what a combination.

- That's right.

Well, come on, let it go, whoo.

- Can you give me the Booyah? - Here we go.

- Whoa.

(Brad laughs)- So Brad's gonna handle this,because BRad's got a background in self defense.

- Sure.

- Don't you wanna talk about it a little bit, or not?- Well, Bob, yeah, I just don't like to justbabble on about, yeah, second degree black belt.

I studied for 17 years.

Right now I'm semi-retirement mode.

I don't know if I'll go back into it.

I might though, someday.

- Brad does even have a book on preventing injuriesand stuff like that.

- Right, if you are training in the martial arts.

- For martial arts.

- And you wanna learn how to keep your body safe,do techniques properly, body mechanicsrelated to how a physical therapist thinks about it,this book will.

- It's a Kindle books, and it's in our links below.

- Right, right below the video.

- By the way, if you're new to our channel,we might as well get this all done Brad, right?- Oh, yeah, let's get it done.

- Please take a second to subscribe to us.

We provide videos on how to stayhealthy, fit, and pain-free.

We upload every day.

Also, you'll wanna join us on our social media platforms.

Instagram is our newest one, Bob and Brad on Facebook,and yes, we are giving away today, starting, once again,we're giving away a mattress, Brad.

- [Brad] Yes.

- A SleepOvation mattress, whoo!- Say no more, Bob.

- I'm really excited.

Okay, let's get started, huh, Brad?- Okay, so oftentimes, if you're out walking,you maybe have a balance problem,maybe you have an injured leg.

Maybe you just like to walkwith a stick 'cause people just like a walking stick.

- Right, especially when you'reon uneven ground and stuff like that.

It really makes a difference.

- Right, precisely.

Or, you know, you could certainly use this at home,or to negotiate up and down steps.

We find that this is much better than a cane.

- Right, we'll show you how that works.

- Yeah, we're gonna show you.

And then also, we mention a self-defense device.

We'll get into that at the end of the video.

So here we go.

- Well, with walking,are you gonna jump into that first, Brad?- Yes, mmhmm.

- Okay, you go ahead.

- So, with walking, it really is nice to have a stick,as opposed to a cane, that can go up higher.

It helps you keep your posture up,and with this Booyah Stik, it just happensto be a really nice diameter and a nice feel.

You can grip it very easily.

It does not slip through your hands.

It just works very well.

- And it's furniture grade, so it's really solid plastic.

- Right, this is weather-resistant,and the way we tested this, we took a day like today.

It's about 30 degrees, and we took, like a baseball bat,and went to an eight-inch diameter tree trunk, and we swungit as hard as we could, and it just bounced right off.

- Yeah, it bounces right off.

You couldn't break it.

- Yeah, this is tough.

- So, but yeah, watch me walk.

With a cane, your tendency's gonna wanna lean overto get the support from the cane, bad posture.

But when you walk with a walking stick, you can pull uplike this, and it's gonna pull me into good posture,all the way through, even though I'm getting support.

- Right, exactly.

And that's really important.

We might as well go right into the steps.

- Go into the steps? - Yep.

- Yeah, the steps, the same thing here, Brad.

I actually wanna show this from the side here,if that's all right.

- You bet.

- So, when you're going up steps, normally,you wanna hold that, just for a minute, if you're havingtrouble getting up the stair, a lot of timesthe cane's down here, and you're pushing up on here,and you're trying to get up onto the next step here,and you're really trying to support on here.

It's really a little bit hazardous to me.

But if you use a Booyah Stik, if you have troublemaking the stairs, you can actually use both hands like thisand hold up like this, and just makes it a real safe wayto get up the stairs and down the stairs.

- Sure.

- Because you've got good support here,and you can really lean into it and really take the support.

Now, if you're that unsafe, you may wannahave somebody with you when you're doing it,but even in that occasion, it's gonna be a lot nicerto have something that you can really solid to hold onto.

- Right, and I did wanna bring up,these have a really nice, heavy duty,I'd even call it industrial-grade rubber tip.

- Rubber tip, yeah.

- That are forced on there.

And so, that kinda correlates.

We don't have a trail here to show you, but if you'rewalking on a trail, you're going up and down,like around here, we've got bluffs, so the trailsin the parks typically go up and down hills,and that works out really well for that.

So you can get your hand up high when you're goingdown the hil, because the stick is gonna bein front of you and lower, and as you're going up,you can easily adjust it so that it staysat that shoulder level, chest level areaas you do your hiking and climbing.

- And of course, we've been using the Booyah Stikfor a lot of balance activities, for a lotof balance exercises.

- Right.

- I like to use it even just when I do stretcheson my stairs, and I can hold on And lean over like this,but it just goes on and on.

- I use 'em for my lunges.

- Yeah, I mean, we showed that one where you know,for the elderly, the marching in place,going up on the toes and up on the heels.

- Sure.

- All those things can providethe support for that.

- Right.

And then the other thing, while you're walking with this,it's great for stretching your shoulders out.

You can get a stretch over this wayand this way and stretch behind, and all these things.

- Well, I gotta show my favorite stretch now.

- Oh, the chicken wing.

- Yeah, the chicken wing.

By the way, I thought it was just me,because I was having an impingement syndrome,and I started having pain, and I do the two stretches.

I do the Statue of Liberty stretch,which is the one where you,you put it up on a chair generally, right?- In the seated position, but you could do it standing.

- Yeah, seated position.

So I lean, just lean on itand really get almost traction on that shoulder,and it's like that hanging method basically.

- Right, yeah.

- By Dr.

Kirsch, is it?- Right.

- Yeah.

So, I do that, and what's nice about it,I only do it for like, 20 seconds.

- Sure, Bob.

- And then I go in, and I'm actually gonna show it on thisshoulder, 'cause this is the one I do it on all the time.

But I go in, this is the chicken wing.

I pull it up like this, and then I pull it out like this,and this has just been a miracle stretch for me.

- This is the sore shoulder, by the way.

- Yeah, and it actually stretches out the backof the shoulder, the posterior capsule, and it makesmore room for the shoulder to fit in the socket,and therefore, you get less impingement.

- Go ahead.

- Well, I thought it was just me, maybe.

Now, some people are starting to, I'm getting emails.

I got an email from a guy who said he went through therapy,you know, he had seen a physical therapist, nothing helped.

He did that, and it got better.

So I feel justified, I feel verified, Brad.

Somebody appreciates me.

- So he jumped into my video on walking sticks.

- Yeah, that's right.

- And he interrupted with, it's good information.

- Well, you started about stretches, so you opened the door.

- Well, but that one, you're walking.

Oh, yeah, let's get onto the self-defense.

- All right, self-defense now.

- Okay, so like I mentioned before,I used to teach self-defense classes.

I did a little bit, not a little bit, but a lotof research reading about, not just for marital arts,but how police officers approach self-defense.

So I wanted to make sure I was getting at itfrom all different viewpoints.

So if you are walking with a stick, for one thing,you don't look quite as defenseless.

- Right, defensiveness.

- Right.

If someone's gonna assault someone, they're lookingfor someone who's gonna be an easy victim.

- Yeah, they're looking for the easy target.

- Right.

So a stick does say, oh, well, maybe that, yeah, you know?Maybe, may not.

- Right.

- After they see this video, then they'll say,oh, well, I'm not gonna assault someone with a stick.

- I'm not gonna mess with that person.

- But next thing for that is if you're walkingwith a stick and you are approached,first thing, you wanna avoid being silly.

Don't go down dark alleys.

When you're hiking, though, around here,in the valleys, and you're hiking in Hixon State Forest,the county forest, you could easily be by yourself.

- Run across somebody, yep.

- And feel very.

- I just, even around the lake path here,some parts where you're in the trees and nobody sees you.

- Sure, right.

So it's hard to avoid it all the time.

The first thing you need to do, if you can avoid a situationand get out of there, walk the other direction, run,but if you've got a stick, you may not be able to run,'cause you've got the stick because there's injury.

- The stick for a reason, right.

- So, if you are confronted,and you're there in front of someone,and you're very concerned about being assaulted,the first thing you need to do isif it is imminent, and the person touches you,that's the green light, something has to be done.

The first thing you're gonna do is make some noise.

You're gonna yell.

You're gonna yell either fire,'cause that gets other people's attention.

Help is good, not quite as good as fire.

Fire, other people will really grab that, or 911.

- Sure.

- If you feel like you need to defend yourself physically,and if someone touches you, that's the green light.

- Sure.

- Legally, you can defend yourself and take care of it.

'Cause what I'm gonna show youwith the stick is not just touching someone.

It's get the job done and get out of there.

- Right.

- You can't piddle around.

So we're gonna use the heavy bag over here.

- You want me to hold it first here, Brad?- Yeah.

Now, if this was the person committing the assault,I'm standing here, the first thing I do iswith the Booyah Stik, I'm gonna get in the ready position.

So I'm not gonna stand like this or like this.

The stick is gonna be here, and this hand is gonna be here.

You have the practice this a little bit,'cause you wanna get your handsabout in the middle and about like this.

Not here or not here, but in the middle, and you standlike this, and not with your feet close together.

You're gonna have your feet staggeredso you have good balance.

You're ready to move when you need to.

- You wanna mention the thumbs up, Brad?- Yep, good idea.

If you're into martial arts, oftentimes, you do this,but for this case, thumbs upis gonna work out well for these simple strikes.

So here we have the assaulter standing there.

Things are getting serious.

You know you have to do or you're gonna get hurt.

What we're going to use is use the end of the Booyah Stik,and it's going to strike,let's get this this way so you can see it.

We're not gonna strike the person in the chest for sure.

We're not gonna strike the person in the groin,which some people think that's a good target.

Good chance you'll probably miss.

We're gonna strike the person in the eyeball,because once you hit someone in the eyeball with that,it's really gonna impair their ability to do any more.

Eyes start watering,and then you get a chance to get out of there.

So I'm gonna look at one point.

I'm gonna use this v as an eyeball.

I'm gonna be standing here in my staggered stance,and when you realize you have to defend yourself,you have to use physical force,we're gonna take that.

Looking at that eye, we're gonna strike it.

But that's not how you're gonna strike it.

You're gonna strike it like you mean it,like it is your life, because that's what it is.

And when I used to do self-defense classes,I was teaching a class with mothers and daughters,and I'd have the mothers, and we were doing knee strikesat the time, we didn't have the Booyah Stik,and I'd hold onto the pad, and I'd say go aheadand do some knee strikes to me, and they were afraidto kind of hit me 'cause they're nice people.

So I'd say, just imagine that I am attackingyour daughter right in front of you.

(Bob laughs)Man, they would just unload on that thing,because you got their mind in the right situation.

So, you have to have your mind in that situation,and do our thrust here, and then we're gonna strikeon this side and strike on this side.

Chances are really good at least one of those strikesis gonna be a good strike, because if this doesn't make it,this one could be blocked,but they're probably not expecting this.

So you practice it so it looks like this,(Brad grunts)and then you run or get away as far as you can.

With your hands here, the strike is here.

This and this become very quick,and it's very easy to do fast.

This stick is really strong,and it will clearly knock someone dizzy.

- Funny, there I felt the most poweris when you came on those side hits.

- Sure.

- You were really whacking.

- And Bob was doing this before, we were practicing,and he had, you wanna try it again?- I'll try it again.

- Go ahead, Bob.

- I'm supposed to get with the body, he was saying.

- Right, so you've gotta step in.

- This isn't gonna be as good as Brad.

Well, I already moved it.

I don't have an eye now.

Well, I didn't do this very good.

- Your last strike was very effective.

- Yeah, my last one was good.

- Good.

- I felt like I could get a little closer, I think.

- Let's do this, Bob.

So, you know, the video's going long, but that's all right.

So stand right there.

So if you really wanna do this, you've gotta practice.

And this is what we do in martial arts.

We start slow, and then here, and then here.

Let the stick hit you in the shoulder.

- Oh, sure.

- And then let it hit under your armpit.

There you go.

- Sure.

- I feel a little nervous right now.

- Yeah, and obviously should feel a little nervous probably.

- So it's one, two, three, and you practice that.

One, two, three, and notice it step forward, two, three,good, wide base.

So one, two, three, and you wanna think about yelling.

You're yelling help, you're yelling fire as you do this,because you really wanna get attentionfrom other people around.

- And that gives you more force, right?- Exactly, it forces you to breathe as well,which is really important, to get that oxygen going.


- Well, I'll practice thiswhen I get back, and I'll kick some butt, Brad.

- Oh, yeah, don't worry, Bob.

And you know, if you're practicing this, and you're a lady,and you got a spouse, practice on your husband.

See how that goes.

(both laughing)- Just kidding, just kidding.

- Have him wear pillows.

All right, thanks a lot.

- Take care.