Top 10 Best Walking Shoes For Women - Jun 2019

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Are you looking for the best Walking Shoes For Women? Let’s go ahead and have a look at our top 10 best Walking Shoes For Women in Jun 2019.

We have scanned 11,957 reviews and come down with top 10 best Walking Shoes For Women from products.

Here are our top 10 best Walking Shoes For Women in 2019 reviews. Take a look at our recommended items and learn more about the features of each to help you select the item to buy.

Rank Product Name Score
1 First Place Easy Spirit Women's Romy Walking Shoe, Medium Taupe Multi Suede, 8.5 M US Easy Spirit Women's Romy Walking Shoe, Medium Taupe Multi Suede, 8.5 M US
By Easy Spirit
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2 RYKA Women's Devo Plus 2 Walking Shoe, Black/Purple, 9 M US RYKA Women's Devo Plus 2 Walking Shoe, Black/Purple, 9 M US
By Ryka
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3 Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe,Black,10 M US Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe,Black,10 M US
By Skechers
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4 New Balance Women's WW877 Walking Shoe,Silver,7.5 D US New Balance Women's WW877 Walking Shoe,Silver,7.5 D US
By New Balance
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5 Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 2 Super Sock Slip-On Walking Shoe,Old Taupe,7.5 M Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 2 Super Sock Slip-On Walking Shoe,Old Taupe,7.5 M
By Skechers
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6 Best Value Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 4 Pursuit Walking Shoe, Black - 7 C/D Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 4 Pursuit Walking Shoe, Black - 7 C/D
By Skechers
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7 Saucony Women's Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe,Stone,8 B US Saucony Women's Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe,Stone,8 B US
By Saucony
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8 RYKA Women's Sky Walking Shoe,Chrome Silver/Cool Mist Grey/Mint Ice/Peach Cobbler,8.5 M US RYKA Women's Sky Walking Shoe,Chrome Silver/Cool Mist Grey/Mint Ice/Peach Cobbler,8.5 M US
By Ryka
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9 New Balance Women's WA365v1 Cush + Walking Shoe, Grey, 8.5 D US New Balance Women's WA365v1 Cush + Walking Shoe, Grey, 8.5 D US
By New Balance
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10 Merrell Women's Siren Edge Hiking Shoe, Black/Purple, 8 M US Merrell Women's Siren Edge Hiking Shoe, Black/Purple, 8 M US
By Merrell
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Skechers GOwalk 4 Review (Women's) | Best Comfortable & Stylish Walking Shoes For Travel?

- Hello, it's Rebecca from Pack Hackerand in this video we're going to be taking a lookat the Skechers GOwalk 4s.

At Pack Hacker,we're a team of frequent travelerswho share our thoughtson bags and travel gear all the time.

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Now let's get on to the Skechers GOwalk 4 review.

[upbeat music playing]When you think about the world's most fashionable brands,let's be honest,Skechers probably won't be at the top of your list.

This footwear company has always putperformance and comfort over cutting edge fashion.

However, this has worked out pretty well for them,as they've become a global juggernautwith over 2,500 stores in 160 countries.

Skechers is slowly but surely paving its wayto youthful and modern popularitywith celebrity campaigns and innovative designs.

And with fashion stores like Urban Outfittersnow supplying their shoes,it's safe to say that Skechers are finally on trend.

So a global brand renowned for their comfortand performance getting their toes wet in the fashion world.

We were excited to test these things out.

We have also previously tested the GOwalk 3sfor over a year through 17 countries,different climates,different terrains.

So we think that we know the GOwalk seriespretty well, too.

[upbeat music playing]Now before we get on to how good these things lookwe need to talk about the different types of GOwalk 4sand unfortunately it does get a big complicated.

Skechers' naming structure and websitedoes get confusing at timesbecause there's not just one style of GOwalk 4s,there is actually nine.

Thankfully other than one of the versions being laced,they're all minor aesthetic differences.

So you're free to choose whatever pairyou like the look of most.

We went with the Propel version.

The GOwalk 4s are available in different colorsbut we think that black is the safest option.

It goes with most outfitsand it shows up the least dirt and stainsmaking it ideal for travel.

We really like the sleek andminimalist style of the GOwalk 4s,and because they're so neutralwe found you can pull them offin plenty of different environments.

Whether you're feeling like a fashionistaaround the streets of Parisor power walking through the countryside,these shoes are going to fit right in with your style.

Due to their streamlined look,we found that these shoes go wellwith pants, skirts, dresses,which is perfect for travelbecause any time you can find one pair of shoesthat goes with anything you're on to a winner.

Skechers has given the GOwalk 4ssome pretty discreet branding.

The small, subtle S on the sideis perfect for those of you whoaren't Skechers converts just yet.

The branding complementsthe sleek and simple designand doesn't overpower what the shoe is actually made for,and that's comfort and performance.

We're big fans of the slip-on style of these shoes.

Great for when you life is on the gofor going in and out of houses,for slipping off on the airport security,or even when you're in Southeast Asiaand you're going into one of the Buddhist temples.

When it comes to slip-on footwear,there's always that worry that your feet might slip outbecause there are no laces to hold it in place.

But that was never the case with these,and as long as you get the right sizeit will never be the case for you, either.

Per shoe,these things comes in at a remarkably lightweight5.

25 ounces for a size seven.

They can also be packed flatbecause of the soft mesh on top,which saves so much space inside your bag.

[upbeat music playing]It's hard to know where to begin herebecause Skechers have put some crazy techinto these shoes.

Now the jargon on the websiteis a bit too much for our liking,but it all comes together to createone of the most comfortable shoes we have ever tested.

Now we just can't oversell enoughon how incredibly comfortable these shoes are.

During testing,we covered about 60 kilometers in three dayswith the all-black Propel version.

I never encountered even a hint of discomfort.

So why are these shoes just so comfortable?Let's take a second to cut through the jargonand see what's actually going on here.

Now, starting with the soles,they feature innovative and highly responsive5GEN midsole cushioningthat is designed to providea high energy return on every step.

This means that the shoes are easy to walk inwith minimal effort and impact on your feet.

And we can 100% vouch for that.

Next up are the Goga Pillarsthat at first glance look pretty weird.

They're the pillars on the bottom of the shoeto cushion any hard impacts.

And from what we can tellthey do the job very well.

Moving inside the shoe,you'll find the new Skechers Goga Max insolefor next generation cushioning and support.

This is effectively memory foam for your feet.

And if you've every wonderedwhat it would be like to walk on memory foamwe will give you a hint.

It's amazing.

There is no fancy name for this next bit of tech,but it's impressive nonetheless.

The mesh around your foot naturally expands as you walk.

With these shoes we never experienceany rubbing or friction,which means that this mesh is doingexactly what it should be doing.

This mesh is not only a comfortable fit,but it's also very breathable,keeping your feet cool even in warmer climates.

But regardless of how breathable your shoe is,feet still sweat.

Fortunately, Skechers have providedsome fancy tech to keep your feet smelling fresh.

This tech is a bamboo-lined foot bedfor antibacterial odor control.

This keeps your shoes smelling freshdue to an antimicrobial bio-agentcalled bamboo-kun,which is found naturally in bamboo fibers.

Honestly, even after walkingall day, every daythese shoes never smelled.

We really love this because there are few things worsethan putting smelly shoes into your backpack.

[upbeat music playing]As we previously mentioned,we've been testing the GOwalk 4s for a few months now,but we have also tested the GOwalk 3s for over a year.

So we feel that we know both pretty well.

For the most partthese shoes are pretty similar,but there are differences too -all of which we think improve the shoe.

The main difference between these versionsis that the GOwalk 3s are much widerthan the GOwalk 4sand this is due to the redesigned Goga Pillarson the bottom.

This allows a more streamlined designwithout compromising comfort.

The narrowest styleis definitely more modern and fashionable.

Another difference between these twois that the GOwalk 4 has the new GogaMax insoles.

Now the GOwalk 3 was still incredibly comfortable,but somehow the GOwalk 4s were even better.

We also found that the GOwalk 4stend to smell a lot less than the previous iteration.

Now that must mean that the bamboo liner is doing the trick.

Once significant improvement over the GOwalk 3sis that the GOwalk 4s repel water better.

Now we're not saying they're waterproof.

In fact, they're a far cry from it,but it does mean that they are more water resistant.

When wearing the GOwalk 3s they just soaked upall the water and got soggy.

But so far, through testing,these have repelled the water quite well.

The next thing to note is that the GOwalk 4shave held their shape better than the GOwalk 3s.

Now this could be due to the meshor the fact that we've been testing the GOwalks3sfor a lot longer.

But if we're honest,we think it could be a combination of both things.

However, we do think that the GOwalk 4swill last better over time.

In our opinion,we think that all the changes that have been madeto the Skechers GOwalk 4 have been an improvement.

However this may not be the case for everyone.

Looking at one of the comments we sawon the Skechers websitesaying how much they preferred the wider footon the GOwalk 3s.

This just goes to show that different stylessuit different people.

Skechers has took note, however,and responded by bringing out the Gowalk Joy,a similar shoe to the GOwalk 4but with a wider foot.

Plus the Propel and Gifted versionsof the GOwalk 4s now come in a wide version, too.

[upbeat music playing]After two months of testing,the GOwalk 4s have held up very well,which is not surprising after how wellthe GOwalk 3s held up, too.

We did notice some discoloration on the GOwalk 3son the white soles,which is why when we picked the version of GOwalk 4swe picked an all-black sole.

Now this black solewill keep your shoes looking fresh and cleanwhen you're on the road.

If you find that you need to wash your shoes,Skechers recommend that you just use a damp clothto wipe them over.

This works very well.

However, with the GOwalk 3s,when we were on the roadthese did get very stinky,so we put them in the washing machineon a cold, gentle cycleand they came out fine.

But we haven't yet had to do themwith this GOwalk 4 version.

We may have mentioned this a few times before,but these shoes are incredibly comfortableand made out of lightweight materials.

This is great,but it lacks protection.

So if you were to drop something heavy on your foot,or someone was to stand on your foot(hopefully that won't happen!),but if it does it is going to hurt.

Another nitpick,and this is a small one,but when you're walking on gravel or loose stonesthey get stuck between the pillars of the shoes.

Now this doesn't cause any discomfortbut it is annoying,but you can remove them easily.

All in all though,these are a great pair of travel shoes.

They're super comfortable,they'll go with everything,and they can even be packed flat.

If you're in the market for a pair of shoesto accompany your travels around the world,the Skechers GOwalk 4s would make for a fantastic choice.

Now let's move on to the Pros.

The Skechers GOwalk 4s are extremely comfortable.

The aesthetic works with most clothes and environments.

And they're super lightweight and packable,making them great for travel.

Now onto some cons.

The Skechers GOwalk 4s don't offer any protection.

The product list on the Skechers websiteis a bit confusing.

And finally,small stones can get stuck in the sole of these shoes,which can be a bit annoying.

[upbeat music playing]After some extensive testingwith the GOwalk 3s and our recent experienceswith the GOwalk 4s,we cannot recommend these shoes enough.

The GOwalk 4 is an incredibly comfortable shoethat won't let you down.

Even if you walk all day, every day,it is clear that Skechers is slowly brushing offthat unsavory stigma by making some great shoesthat not only feel good,but look good, too.

Thanks for taking a look at our reviewof the Skechers GOwalk 4sand make sure you head over to packhacker.

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Thanks for checking this one out.

We'll see you in the next video.

[upbeat music playing].