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Are you looking for the best 15Inch Laptop Bags? Let’s go ahead and have a look at our top 10 best 15Inch Laptop Bags in Jul 2019.

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Rank Product Name Score
1 First Place Case Logic 15-Inch Laptop and Tablet Briefcase, Black (DLC-115) Case Logic 15-Inch Laptop and Tablet Briefcase, Black (DLC-115)
By Case Logic
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2 15 Inch Laptop Bag,Sheng TS Hybrid Multifunction Briefcase Messenger Bag Versatile Laptop Backpack 15 Inch Laptop Bag,Sheng TS Hybrid Multifunction Briefcase Messenger Bag Versatile Laptop Backpack
By Sheng TS
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3 Best Value AmazonBasics 15.6-Inch Laptop and Tablet Bag AmazonBasics 15.6-Inch Laptop and Tablet Bag
By AmazonBasics
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4 Lacdo 15-15.6 Inch Waterproof Fabric Laptop Shoulder Bag Laptop Sleeve Bag Notebook Case Lacdo 15-15.6 Inch Waterproof Fabric Laptop Shoulder Bag Laptop Sleeve Bag Notebook Case
By Lacdo
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5 [2018 Upgraded] 15.6 Inch Laptop Sleeve with Shock-proof Bubble, E-Tree Oxford 15-15.6 Inch [2018 Upgraded] 15.6 Inch Laptop Sleeve with Shock-proof Bubble, E-Tree Oxford 15-15.6 Inch
By E-Tree
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6 Brinch Unisex Oxford Laptop Sleeve Messenger Shoulder Bag for 15 - 15.6-Inch Laptop Brinch Unisex Oxford Laptop Sleeve Messenger Shoulder Bag for 15 - 15.6-Inch Laptop
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7 MOSISO Messenger Laptop Shoulder Bag Compatible 15-15.6 Inch 2018/2017/2016 New MacBook Pro, MacBook MOSISO Messenger Laptop Shoulder Bag Compatible 15-15.6 Inch 2018/2017/2016 New MacBook Pro, MacBook
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8 CoolBell 15.6 inch Laptop Bag Messenger Bag Hand Bag Multi-compartment Briefcase Oxford Nylon CoolBell 15.6 inch Laptop Bag Messenger Bag Hand Bag Multi-compartment Briefcase Oxford Nylon
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9 Ytonet Laptop Bag, 15 Inch Laptop Briefcase, Water Resistant Nylon Laptop Bag Ytonet Laptop Bag, 15 Inch Laptop Briefcase, Water Resistant Nylon Laptop Bag
By Ytonet
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10 KROSER Laptop Bag 15.6 Inch Laptop Briefcase Laptop Messenger Bag Computer Case Laptop KROSER Laptop Bag 15.6 Inch Laptop Briefcase Laptop Messenger Bag Computer Case Laptop
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BEST and WORST MacBook Cases!!

- Hey guys, how's it going?It's Justine, and today I'm with Ro.

- Herro.

- Do you remember when we did the videoabout iPhone cases that were just tragic?- That was so funny.

This is not his face.

- This is not a face.

- [Ro] Justine is now a veterinarian.

She is performing surgery as we speak.

Those animal ones? Like some of them were so adorable.

Some of them were so creepy.

- So terrible.

So I thought to go with that,Ro just got a new laptop, but you got the 13 inch.

So I also got a new laptop fairly recently,this is a 15 inch.

But I thought I would getsome really crazy, wild laptop cases.

And it was actually kind of hard to find.

- Like, laptop cases?- Well, like ones, - I still need to get one.

- Ones that weren't nice.

- Ohhh.

- Like I was lookingfor ugly laptop cases.

- I just got a new laptopand I actually did not wanna tell you.

Justine I did not wanna tell youbecause the laptop that I had before,my Mac laptop I had had it for eight years,and it was so old that it stopped updating.

- If I would have known thiswe would have went to the Apple store to get,I would have picked you upand taken you to the Apple store.

I would have been like girl we're going.

I would be carrying you and cradling you like this.

And be like, she needs a computer.

Unacceptable when you're my friend.

- Now I have a new computer, so you be proud.

- Okay do you wanna pick one first?- [Ro] (gasps) yes.

- Okay.

- Shiny and I'm liking it.

- So some of these are bad, but some of them are cool.

Like I thought, when I saw the picture of this,I thought it was gonna be terrible,but it's actually really cool.

- And confession, I've never had a laptop case.


Like when I'm traveling, I just shove it in my suitcase.

I am surprised it lasted eight years.

- You put it in your suitcase?- Just shove it in there.

- Wait so, you don't have like a, you put, do you check it?- I just shouldn't have told you this.

- You check your laptop?- And sometimes-- - So wait, you go--- I forget to turn it off, - You check your laptop.

- So the thing's spinning, I have the old one you know,where the disk is spinning the whole time'cause I forget to turn it off.

And so it's just like (laughs).

Isn't it a miracle that it's lasted eight years?I think that in and of itself is just like,kind of an ode to how cool that computer was.

- Yeah I'm, - Yeah.

(laughs)- I can't breathe.

- Yeah I know.

- You put your laptop in your checked luggage?So like you pick up, when you take your luggageoff the spinny thing.



- Uh huh.

- What.

If you check that new laptop.

- I'm not! I'm not! - Okay.

- Okay, the new one, I'm gonna bring it with me,in my carry on.

You'll be so proud.

And maybe with the new case.

- You can have this.

It might be a little big,but I actually really like this one.

- Oh okay, it's squishy.

- Oh I like the smell.

- It smells new.

- It definitely smells new.

I also like that it has this little thing here too.

'Cause like a little zip,- [Ro] what's this for?- I can't believe the first one that we pickedis actually really good.

These are supposed to be terrible.

- We just had good luck.

Keep it goin'.

- It's like you could put your iPad in here.

You could put your, like your charger.

- I like the zipper too.

- Me too.

- I'm a big fan of zippers when you travelso nothing falls out.

- Well you checked your laptop so.

(laughs)- Yep! So nothin' falls out.

It just, it stays.

- Yeah but like, people could steal it.

Like I've heard people steal things out of like,you don't ever put likesuper valuable things in check luggage.

- You, uh, you're right.

- So this one I actually really like.

- I think this is, you know, this gets a thumbs up from me.

- Mmhmm.

- Let us know, is this a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

I'm liking thumbs up because I'm a fan of functionality.

And it's squishy!- I thought it was gonna be trash.

It's beautiful.

- It's actually a lot better than I was expecting.

- Me too.

- [Ro] Whatchu got, you're not looking.

- I mean, I could tell it was like a box.

- What is this? - I don't know.

- [Ro] Okay we've gotta test this out.

- This looks industrial.

- What is this?Oh my, - Oh wow.

- (knocks) It's hard.

- I think it might be bulletproof.

No probably, no.

- Are you kidding?Is this bulletproof?- No it's not.

- [Ro] This is heavy duty.

- [Justine] This is super industrial,so let's put this in here.

One of the things that I do likeis look, it's got all these little pockets and stuff too.

- [Ro] Okay well where do you put the laptop?- I think you stick it in here.

So look.

That goes in there, and then you've got these little pocketsfor cords.

- Like cords?Very durable.

- (knocks) pretty durable.

- Okay.

Looks a little funny, looks bulletproof,but it seems pretty durable.

- It does.

This is huge.

- How heavy is it?- It's pretty heavy.

- I mean that's pretty heavy.

- It is, I mean there's a computer in it.

Let's see how heavy it is without it.

- Still heavier, but not too bad.

Not too bad.

I wish there was like something cooler on it.

- Well we could do some DIY.

- Like a skull and crossbones or something on it.

- We can put one.

- What do I got?(laughs)It is a unicorn dabbing.

- Yeah it's not clean.

- Oh it's printed that way!- Yeah, so there's a , this weird site that just,auto-generates pictures then prints on demand.

- This is, it's a fun image,but the image is really poorly printed.

Like bleeding speckles.

- This is trash.

- Gotcha.

- It should fit.

- Time to test if it fits.

- Oh it fits! - Does fit, does fit.

- But look at this, this is garbage.

- [Ro] It's getting bigger.

I like that it's brand new and it's already- Falling apart.

- Falling apart.

- Poor print quality and falling apart.

I am not into things falling apart right when you buy them.

- This is brand new.

- Give me a few months!- Trash.

That's the trash pile.

- Yeah you go over there.

- (gasp) - What?- (squeals) Okay so maybe I might'veactually ordered this for myself.

- This is cool!- I love Hershel.

Look at, I'm, this is, I'm keeping this one.

- It's got a zipper, I do approve.

- This is beautiful.

And it matches all the luggage and like the backpack stuff.

- [Ro] (gasps) the inner zipper is pink.

The inner, is this pink, of the inner lining.

- [Justine] It's a little salmon-ish color.

And look, feel how quality this is.

- [Ro] It's fuzzy.

(gasps)It's fuzzy.

- [Justine] Oh my gosh, get in there.

- Okay get in there, do you fit.

- Yes.

(laughs)I don't even wanna take my computer out of this.

Because it's so perfect.

- Is this it's new home?- It is.

- You think?- I'm like really impressed by this.

- Me too.

- Okay okay I'll put this down.

- Okay this is a good one.

- What do we got, what's this.

Is this a wine cork?A cork board? - It looks like a cork.

- [Ro] Oh my gosh it's so weird feeling.

It is like corkboard-y.

- Ew is it, oh ew.

- Oh it's very like, - It's dry!- It's very - [Together] Ew!- [Justine] It's like cardboard.

- Okay it's got a zipper in the front.

- It does, that's nice.

- Okay what's on the inside? Like chalkboard?- [Justine] It's soft!- [Ro] It is?- Yeah! Stick your finger in there!- Okay.

- Or your whole hand.

- It is soft.

What's up with the zipper, why does it do this.

It's like a three quarter zipper.

They couldn't put it all the way down?- I mean it's probably because they don't want,when you put your computer into it slide out the other side.

- Okay okay, that makes sense.

This one does it too, but it comes down a little bit more.

- Other than the weird feel, like this is nice.

The inside, the details.

(zips)It's weird, I probably never would've bought thisthinking it was gonna look cool.

Like I kinda like it.

- I like the inside.

I like the zipper.

I like the little extra storage pocket here.

This texture is a little weird feeling.

And I feel like I could just tack pinlittle post-it notes like on a message board.

You know what this reminds me of?- What?- YouTube like seven years agowhen people were using a lot of corkboard for their banners.

And like little like post-it note.

This was like a theme.

- It was.

- Creative.

A point for creativity.

- I'm puttin' it in the nice pile.

- Alright, okay, I'm not gonna even debate that.

- I thought these were all gonna suck.

I'm pleasantly surprised.

- Oh my gosh, there's so many more in here.

What do I pick?What's this?(gasps)Is this rose gold?- It is!- But why is it so flat?(both stuttering)It looks like a piece of paper!- It's a sleeve.

The laptop sleeve.

- What is that?- Well it's like when it's not a case,it's just like a , like a, like a, like asmall protection, like a little bit.

- Okay.

- Just a little bit.

- I feel a little dumb, because I've never seen this.

- A sleeve? - No.

- Well now you have.

Let's open it up!- Okay.

- [Justine] This one looks nice too!- [Ro] I've never seen them.

- Usually things online look really cooland then you get it and it sucks.

All of these looked like trash online.

And now I'm into it.

- There's no zipper!- No, it's a sleeve!It's a sleeve!- This look, girl this looks like a envelope.

- It's a sleeve!- Like I could print outa printer paper little letter to youand then I'd put it in here and mail it to youand I'm like, - It's a sleeve!- Justine, you're invited to my birthday party.

Justine, you're invited to my Halloween party.

Like doesn't this look like a big envelope?- It does! Here, mail me a laptop.

- How can it even fit in there?- Look! It's a sleeve.

- Well where's the protection? There's no protection.

- So this'd be something, - No foamy.

- This is something like I would put in likein my laptop bag already, like in my backpack.

And then put this in there.

Because I wouldn't want it to get like scratched.

'Cause usually I throw like,out there, my Mac and PC laptops together.

- So that's what a sleeve is for,it's like if you're putting it in your backpack.

Like not it's own case.

- Did you pick this one or did I pick this one?- I did.

- Okay I keep forgetting.

- I picked it up and I was like, this can't be a case.

This feels so thin!I would have to actually try this out to get into it.

But we can put it in the okay pile.

- I like it.

- You're the expert.

You're a tech expert.

So if you're saying this is a thing, I totally believe you.

- And it's a nice thing, it's a nice quality,the coloring, the detail, oh man.

- Okay what else, what else.

- This one is supposed to be like,weather and water proof resistant something.

- Oh what? Weather proof?- Yeah but it looks small.

Says it's one of those dry bagslike when you go camping and stuff.

The planets best waterproof gear since 1996.

That's not that long.

- So you could bring it on a boat.

Or if it was raining, it's waterproof.

- Yeah! So I was thinking that when I saw thisit was like this size.

But it opens up like this.

- Oh it's a bag ins--- Yeah! So it like ziplocks!- [Ro] And then another bag, it's two!- Let's take this for a test,because I dunno if you guys see out there.

Ro's got a pool in the backyard.

- Waterproof bag seems pretty fancy,if you can't afford this you could just use this!- [Justine] That has holes in it!- The bag it came in, you could just wrap it up in here!- So you ziplock it and then you should be waterproof!Since 1996.

- Wow.

- Do you have a hose?- Yeah.

I got a garden hose right outside.

We could spray it.

Can we spray it?- Yes! It's waterproof! Since 1996!- Let's test this.

- We're outside.

Ro's got a hose.

- Yes! I got a hose.

- I've got the laptop case so we're gonna put it in hereand I'm gonna make sure I ziplock it really good.

- Yeah make sure you really close it,'cause I'm really gonna spray it.

We're gonna test this thing out.

Nice and tight.

- [Justine] Yep.

I wonder if this is dunk proof.

We should definitely try it in the pool.

- (gasps) are you serious?- Yeah, why not?It says it's waterproof since 1996!- What if it's not?- Well.

- Oh my gosh.

I can't believe we're gonna do this.

- Alright, now I'm gonna get hosed.

- One, two, three!(screams)Oh my gosh I'm so sorry! Justine I'm so sorry!(laughs)This is on too high.

The pressure's up too high.

- That's okay! Let's go! Let's go!- Okay I'll do the other side.

I'll really angle it down here now.

Okay I'm really doing it.

(hose spraying)Okay how did we do?- Keep going! - Keep going?- Yeah!- [Ro] I got it, I really got it!- Yeah get it good!(laughs)- [Ro] I'm so sorry.

- It's okay! I'm a little wet.

It's alright, that's what we're here for.

- I feel like you came over to my house,I should have held that.

- Waterproofing the planets best gear.

Alright, here we go.

- Oh my gosh.

Oh my gosh.

Oh my gosh.

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my.

- I'm so confident.

- I'm so nervous!- I'm so confident in this bag.

- Justine I am so nervous for you.

- I'm not even that nervous, like I actually,this is my laptop.

Like I don't even have it backed up.

And that's how confident I am in this dumb bag.

Should I, let's see.

Okay if this works, AquaQuest you're the best.

If it doesn't, I hate you.

Ready!- I can't believe you're doing this.

This is for real.

- Oh it's floating! Oh it's floating!- [Ro] It floats?- Yeah, wowee!- [Ro] Does it really float?- Yeah! Like look at that.

- [Ro] It's like a life vest.

Oh that's nice that it floats.

- Now I gotta dunk it all the way in.

- Oh my gosh, those seams better be tight.

(splashes)I can't, I can't.

- One more!- Oh my gosh.

- One more!(laughter)- I'm just hoping that this is okayor I'm gonna feel terrible.

- Me too! - Even Cookie,look at it, Cookie's very concerned.

- I have like three videos on herethat I haven't edited yet.

(laughs)- If they're ruined we can film some fun ones.

We'll just make up for it, we'll just film some more.

- I am so confident in this, like it's not even funny.

Like this is so ziplocked.

- (gasps) Oh my gosh, oh my gosh.

Is it wet?- No, it's not at all.

- Cookie's here to help.

- Like I was not even worried.

At all.

- Cookie, can you smell or sense if it, is it wet?- It's perfect.

It's only wet from my fingers.

Like I was not even a bit worried.

- Okay 'cause I was terrified.

Like what if this did not work?Oh yeah it's dry on the inside,the only part where it's wet is where I just touched it.

This case, it's only wet see, where I touched it.

But everywhere else it's dry.

- I fell for their marketing.

The world leader in waterproof.

I fell for it and it's true.

- This case gets a thumbs up from me.

- Me too.

- I was very concerned, but we have tested it.

- What if it didn't work.

- That was so brave of you.

Okay we're okay.

- Okay let's go back in.

- It worked!- We've got some more cases to check out.

- Let's go look at some more cases!- Well that was fun.

- Oh this one's hard.

It's (knocks) very (knocks) it's hard.

What is it?- Oh this looks like it's like a cover.

- A dalmatian?- [Justine] I think it's a cow.

- (laughs) Is it a cow?- I think so.

So this even has a laptop cover, like they keyboard cover.

- [Ro] Let's, how do we, okay.

Let's take this off.

- This is not high quality.

- What else do we have here?- Jam this in there.

- How do we, let me move this for ya.

That's the bottom of it?- Fits perfectly doesn't it.

- [Ro] It does not fit perfectly.

It's a little bigger.

- Oh it fits a 15 inch Macbook.

Okay by perfectly, you mean you don't fit at all.

- [Ro] That does not fit at all.

- [Justine] Maybe if I close it up? Maybe that's why?- Um, that looks terrible.

Yeah this one's a 15 inch and it does not fit.

Does the keyboards fit?- [Justine] No! It doesn't.

Because there's also the touch bar.

- So you have to guess where the touch bar is.

You're like, let me just flip this down and then guess.

- This is so gross.

I absolutely, like I hate this so much.

I don't say that I hate things very often.

- I am ready for something fun.

What is it Justine, surprise me!- It is a pink Mossy Oak!- This is total Autumn vibes.

- Oh yes, look at this.

- Is it soft inside? - It's not.

- What are the zippers? Is this their logo?- [Justine] What is that? I think it might be their logo.

- [Ro] 'Cause they're a little harder for me to grab.

- It is, it is a little bit bigger too.

- And it's big! Oh my gosh, that's an inch.

You guys, this is an inch.

- But I think it said it was like 15.

6 inch case.

I don't like the quality, but I'm really surprisedbecause I thought that I was gonna hateevery single one of these, except for the camo one.

- There.

There's a nice fit.

That's a good fit.

- Well thank you so much for joining me in this video.

Congratulations on your new computer.

- Thank you!- Guys, do not check your laptops in your luggage!Oh gosh, it hurts my heart.

- Who would ever do that?Right? So weird.

Just don't ever do it.

- Well thank you for joining me in this video,if you guys wanna find out any more informationabout any of these cases,I'm pleasantly surprised how nice these are.

I will put links in the description.

Also put links to Ros channel.

Make sure you go check out hers.

We did some fun videos on her channel too for Halloween.

- For Halloween.

- Okay, - Okay.

- Thanks for watching, go check out Ros channel,subscribe, ding the bell, do all of the things,and we will see you guys in our next video.

Also if you haven't checked out the videowhere we did awful iPhone cases,I will also put that link in the description.

- That video's amazing.

- It was good.

- Ooh.

- Okay bye!(relaxing fun music).