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1 First Place Refurbished HP Pavilion X2 10.1-inch Detachable 2 in 1 Laptop (32GB) Refurbished HP Pavilion X2 10.1-inch Detachable 2 in 1 Laptop (32GB)
By Hp
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2 Best Value Asus VivoBook Flip R518UA 15.6-inch Full HD Touchscreen 2 in 1 laptop, Intel Asus VivoBook Flip R518UA 15.6-inch Full HD Touchscreen 2 in 1 laptop, Intel
By Asus
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4 Asus Transformer Book Flip Tp200sa-uhbf Signature Edition 2 in 1 Pc Asus Transformer Book Flip Tp200sa-uhbf Signature Edition 2 in 1 Pc
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6 ASUS Transformer Book T100HA-C4-GR 10.1-Inch Touchscreen Laptop 2 in 1 NEW ASUS Transformer Book T100HA-C4-GR 10.1-Inch Touchscreen Laptop 2 in 1 NEW
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2016 BMW 750i vs. 2015 Mercedes-Benz S550 - Head 2 Head Ep. 79

In the world of the full size luxury sedan,there is an undisputed champion,the Mercedes Benz S Class.

Yeah but now there's a new challenger.

For 2016,BMW has made the all new 750Iand I think it might just be ableto give the S Class a run for its money.

- Maybe but do you think it's actually betterthan the Mercedes?- I have no idea.

- Looks like we have a head to head.

(clattering)(clattering loudly)- Was that my coffee?(laughing)(upbeat music)(engines revving)- Waking the dead.

(engine revving)Yes please.

(engines revving)- Yeah buddy.

(car zooming)- Whoa.

(techno music) (engine revving)- Going off the range.

Gimme all you got.

(intense music)- Okay so, how much does the S Class cost?- Well hold on base price or as equipped?- I think the way it sits.

- [Voiceover] 142,625 bucks.

- [Voiceover] Ha! 128,445for the BMW.

- [Voiceover] Loser.

- What do you mean?It's less expensive.

- This is a luxury car, more expensive is better.

(laughing)- All right.

How many screens you got in the back of yours?- [Voiceover] Two.

- [Voiceover] Ha, three.

- [Voiceover] Oh, damn it.

(chuckling)Okay, do you have a nut brown nappa leather interior?- [Voiceover] No, I have a cognac nappa leather interior.

- Ooh ooh! Wait wait.

Major sources of foreign parts content, Germany.

The Mercedes is 79% German.

- [Voiceover] Yeah, the BMW is only 60%and then 5% US and or Canada.

That's got to be like the carbon fiber parts.

- That car is not 5% carbon.

- [Voiceover] The badges,if you include the carbon badges it's five percent.

I think it's the,that means 35% like elsewhere,doesn't even say like Estonia or something?- Not German.


- Alright.

Let's see like I got eight or nine M badges on that thing.

How many have you got on yours?- No Ms but a couple of AMGs.

- Ah! Well obviously since each M badge adds five horsepowermy car makes more power.

- My car makes four more horsepower,449 versus your 445.

- Okay, okay but I got 480 pound feet of torque.

- (scoffs) 516.

- But I got a eight speed transmissionand you've only got a seven.

- Damn it.

- I wonder which one's actually quicker.

- Well I think the most important partof every episode is the drag race.

- Yeah, okay well, this is the LA River.

This is where they filmed Grease.

I say we race for pinks.

- Cool.

Except we don't have pinks.

We don't own the cars.

- Oh yeah, good point.

- Well, if anyone damages one of the cars,the loser has to call both car companiesand apologize.

- Or we could just dump 'em in the river.

- Works for me.

- [Black Shirt] Alright.

- [White Shirt] Let's go.

(gravel crunching)(percussive music)(engines revving)- You ready to be defeated by BMW M power?- It sounds like a lower case M to me.

That's an M sport exhaust and that's all its got?- Yeah but check this out, even with the turbo lag,I can play a song.

This is Mary Had a Little Lamb,in the key of out of tune.

(honking)(honking and revving)(honking)(honking and revving)- Johnny, there's this thing in music called a note and--(honking)And yeah that's the one.

But see, there's the problem.

Sometime the note(honking) changes.

- I'm tone deaf.

It sounded perfectly fine to me.

- Alright enough of that.

Let's do the carrera de las tortugas,the race of the turtles.

- [Black Shirt] Okay, yeah.

These cars might weigh two and a half tonsbut 445 horsepower,449 horsepower,that's exactly as much as a Lamborghini Countach madewhen we were kids and like that was the most extreme,the most powerful, the fastest car in the worldand we're already like bored of thesebefore we've drag raced them.

- I think that means we're old and spoiled.

- Plus when we were kids,they didn't have like TVs or ice cream or happiness.

- (chuckling) No.

But we did have a count down from three.

So on go, ready?Three, two, one, go.

(country rock music)(country rock music) (engines revving)Come on.

(engines revving)(cars zooming)(engines revving)- Well, he's in my rear view mirror.

(cars zooming)(drums playing)- And 100 miles an hour.

(yawning)(engines revving)That was the most anti-climatic race ever.

- [Black Shirt] Alright.

Now that we'vegot the 12 year old part of this out of the way.

Let's go drive these things.

- Okay fine.

Why don't you pull over and hop in the tortugaand let's go for a run.

(cars zooming)(upbeat music)Okay.

Well, I'm a little surprisedthat this was slower than the BMW but.

- [Black Shirt] Yeah, we have the samebasic amount of horsepower and same--- [Both] Same basic weight.

- [Black Shirt] Yeah.

- But you know what it is?I don't think this thing will let youlaunch hard off the line.

- It doesn't break torque.

- It won't break torque.

It cuts power.

Trying to be civilized.

- [Black Shirt] You know with these two cars,if you're going to buy either one, you're not buying itfor the quarter mile time.

- [White Shirt] Yeah.

- [Black Shirt] You are buying it for the luxuryand speaking of which,damn dude.

(laughs)- [White Shirt] Yeah.

- I mean this is like.

- This is a really poignant reminderthat the entire Mercedes line upstarts at S class and trickles down.

- That's a key point 'cause you know, BMW's backwards right?- [White Shirt] Right.

- When you think of BMW,you probably think of the--- [Both] 3 series.

- And when you think of Mercedes,you probably jump to the S class.

- [White Shirt] And that's what,I mean, this car should influence everything they make.

And it does.

The C class now drives like a miniature S.

- [Black Shirt] And E class is basically thisshrunken a little bit.

- And what I love most about this car is right away,there's no pretense of sportiness, right?It's got that Roll Royce waftability.

Ironic because you know, Rolls is BMW.

But yeah man this is just.

- Yeah man, I don't know, this,it's just so nice in here.

- My only real complaint's come tothe lack of buttons, right?I love the design and I love how clean it isand all these little detailsbut to change a radio station,for you or me that's fine.

The target audience for this car,it's 163 years old.

- Look I'm a stickler for this, right?Volume knob, tuning knob for the radio.

All cars work that way.

There's no learning curve.

It just works.

It's just settled technology, you know?- Yeah.

- This is how a door opens.

This is how a wheel rolls.

This is how you turn a radio on or off, right?But the elegance of this cabin.

I mean, they call these round vents,you know, a string of pearls.

This kind of deco inlaid wood,this quilted leather.

I think you get over the factthat you don't have a radio tuning button.

- Yeah, you do, you can.

- [Black Shirt] Alright.

- And you know, you can just also set it to one stationand deal with it or use your iPhone even better.

- [Black Shirt] Yeah.

- You get in this car and then right away you know,it's got this dainty elegance to the controls, right?Everything is super light.

The brake pedals nice and touchy,even this gear selector,I love that it's not on the center console.

If it's going to be on center console,give me a stick right?Here, it's you know you go to parkand you're just go eek, reverse, eek, drive.

- Again, there's an elegance to this.

- Right.

- There's a, I don't know,just wafts, it wafts you know.

- [White Shirt] Right and then you know,when somebody does get in your way,it just sort of builds speed.

- [Black Shirt] Right right.

- [White Shirt] Go, tankand just pull.

- [White Shirt] Low end, low end.

Torque, torque, torque, torque, torque, torque.

- I always love Mercedes V8sbecause they have very high displacementsrelative to everybody else's.

And high compression and then just a little bitof turbo charging.

So you get that nice torque buildalmost of a naturally aspirated enginejust with superhero torque.

- No I mean,they really accomplished something with this car.

But here's the thing to remember,the S class came out in 2014.

The BMW came out in 2016 meaningthat BMW had an additional two yearsto study this S class.

- [White Shirt] Yeah.

- And make the 7 series that much better.

- [White Shirt] True,so I think we need to get in the 750because I'm tired of saying nice things about this car.

(laughs)Pains me to say nice things about anything.

- [Black Shirt] Agreed.

(upbeat music)- [Black Shirt] Alright so,driving the BMW 750i.

- Did you not tell me that BMW had two yearsto look at that S class interiorbefore they designed this?- Yeah, right?This is kind of like they had two hoursand then somebody is going to comeand confiscate their notebooks.

(laughing) You know what I mean?It's pretty.

It is nice.

It's just that the S class existsand you have to deal with that like this is literally,I've seen this somewhere before.

- [Both] The 3 series.

- From two years ago.

- [White Shirt] Yeah.

Look it's not an ugly interior.

And it's not not nice by any stretchbut there's definitely.

- You're going up against a juggernautlike maybe the best in the world.

- [White Shirt] Right.

- And we could point out that it's not quiteas good as the best interior on earthbut BMW is cheaper.

- Cheap is one thing.

Inexpensive is something else.

This interior reads a little bit cheap right?I like the metal touches and I like a lot of stuffbut compared to that S class? - I know.

- It doesn't look inexpensive,it looks cheap.

- Well, especially when you start lookingat like the speaker grils right?It's kind of like a bad knock offof the S class.

But it does have some new technologylike for instance,carbon core.

- Oh my god.

I cannot possibly roll my eyes hard enough.

Hold on.

Let me try.

(laughs) (groans)The S class weighs 4,911--(buzzing)(laughing)The (bleeping)?- Ah! Other new technology.

Let me turn that down.

Gesture control.

- Oh no.

- [Black Shirt] Yeah.

- It did not.

- [Black Shirt] Yeah yeah.

Yeah it did.

You must have done this thing.

(music playing)- [White Shirt] Okay.

Turn, make it go away, stop, stop it.

(laughing) (groans in relief)- Alright.

Where is BMW North America headquartered?- New Jersey.

BMW of North America is in New Jerseyfilled with Italians and Jews who all talk with their hands.

Why is it that every timewe're in one of these cars,it does that?(laughing)Yeah no.

(grunts)(laughing)(cars zooming)- [Black Shirt] Okay carbon core,so there is, where is the carbon fiber in this car?- [White Shirt] Okay the S class weighs 4911 pounds.

- [Black Shirt] Yes.

- This has stickers on it that say carbon core.

- [Black Shirt] Yes.

- How much do you think it weighs.

- S class is almost 5000.

This has carbon fiber what?The roof structure, part of the roof,the roof rails are carbon?I'm going to guess,let's say it's 300 pounds lighter.

- No.

- No? - [White Shirt] No.

- How much?- Like 80.

- 80?- 80, yeah.

- Wow, really?- 80 pounds,which is probably the combined amount of weightthat you and I should lose.

(laughing)- If we both went on diets,we'd lose the roof.

Really, 80 pounds?- I think honestly its saved the carbon corewhich is a little like sort of in here,saves about as much weight as the stickers at backing.

- I mean, how do you pa--that past the planning station?Listen, we're going to add thisincredibly expensive material and processby the way we're going to have to like glue carbon to steeland aluminum and all of this other junk.

And the net result is nothing.

(chuckles) - Well.

When the company buys carbon fiber plantsand then makes an eye brand that's made out of carbon fiber,and no one wants those cars,they can't sell them.

They have to do something with the plantsand they have to say, "Well, look.

"All that investment paid off.

"In the grand scheme of how cars ride,it's not bad.

- [Black Shirt] No.

It's great.

- [White Shirt] Compared to that S Class?- [Black Shirt] I don't,it's too stiff.

- [White Shirt] Yeah.

- And we have comfort modes right?We're in Comfort and then we can go to Comfort Plus.

- Loose up.

Loose! - [Black Shirt] Which,just sort of makes you feel everything.

The car is so soft now.

And then it justheaves over everything.

- [White Shirt] Heavesand bounces on you.

- [Black Shirt] Yeah.

- [White Shirt] No not a, not a success.

- [Black Shirt] Yeah.


- This is the Zed F8 Speed that's been amazingand basically every application it's been in.

Why is there no new technology in this carin the engine compartment?I'm a little bit confused.

- [Black Shirt] Yeah, yeah.

- Why it's got all of this, like, gesture crapand yet no new engine, no new drive line,no new transmission.

This is bavarian motorworks and yeah again,so consumed with gadgets and gizmos andcopying Mercedes and they missed the greater point.

(snorting and laughs) This is BMW.

(laughing)- Yeah, you know,but I mean if you think about the S Class 2 though,that wasn't a new engine, that wasn't a new transmissionbut the car still blows you away.

Maybe what we're seeing though is really the depth ofthe sedan, right?- You're right about that.

And also, we're seeing the end of evolutionof the automobile, right?We've hit the limit of what we need forsuspension design, break design, power train design.

And now it's just at gimmick.

This is basically the last gen carwith the world's laziest styling refreshand a whole bunch of gimmicks thrown in.

To impress younger customers, I guess.

- You're saying it's a lazy refresh.

I actually think this car is pretty good looking so,here's what I propose we do.

Let's get this one and the Benz,stick 'em side by side and see which one's better looking.

- Good idea.

(car zooming)- [Black Shirt] Design.

- Yeah.

I think it'd be one of those really pretty car.

Other than those kidney girls which are really too big.

(laughs)But yeah, exactly.

I think it's a pretty sedan.

The only problem with it isthat all of BMW sedans are really pretty right now.

And of them all, this is the least pretty.

And it's a flagship,which should be the best looking.

- Well speaking of flagship,I think this is a great looking carfrom about the b-pillar back.

It's very elegant, it's very sophisticatedbut the front end is kind of plain Jane andI was talking to a designer once, he said,"Look, you know, when we're laying this car out back in 2010we had a fancy looking front end and then a toned down oneand we didn't know if the economy was going to recover,we didn't know if people are going to spend a lot of moneyon expensive looking things, so we did this.

"And it's just the little meh for my taste.

- Yeah.

Well listen, when Mercedes does fancy, it looks trashy.

When Mercedes does clean and elegant,it works.

- [Black Shirt] Fair enough.

- So I'm okay with it.

I think it's pretty.

- [Black Shirt] So are we in agreement then that,that the does Mercedes is the better looking of it two?- [White Shirt] Yeah.

I think so.

- Cause I could almost go for the BMWexcept for the whole hockey thing.

- Hockey thing?- Yeah, the hockey thing.

- What you talkin' about?- They got a hockey stick.


- How long has that been there?- The whole episode!- What?Oh hold on, wait.

There's your 5% Canadian parts content.

- My question is what if you like other sports?Like, why hockey?What about.



Like say, football?- Oh.


Wait, wait, wait.

Hood ornament.

- [Black Shirt] Yeah.

- The Mercedes has a hood ornament.

The BMW doesn't.

- And they always say that big mirrors are a signthat you're a serious driver's car.

So, boom we made the mirrors bigger.

Man, what if you're, you know, it's a European car?What if you like European sports, you know?Like soccer.

Look at that, I mean come on.


- [White Shirt] Alright, cool.

Oh you know what,- [Black Shirt] Oh!- [White Shirt] Why start, well stop at the one hockey stickwhen you can have two?- [Black Shirt] Alright.

Love it.

- [White Shirt] Well, let's go for a drive.

- [Black Shirt] Sweet.

I'm in the backseat.

- [White Shirt] I can't get in.

- [Black Shirt] I know.

- [White Shirt] Oh, you tricked me.

(laughing)(struggling)Getting too old for this shit.

- [Black Shirt] You're getting too old, I agree.

Oh, you're talking about for this.

(car zooming)(happy chill music)- But yeah, no.

There is about a two second delay from when hit the gas.

The other thing about-- - Hang on, hang on.

Before you, just pullover right here.

Just pullover for a second.

- [White Shirt] What? - [Black Shirt] Just pullover.

Just pullover!(groans) Right here, right here.

Come on babies.

Come on.

Come on, honey.

Come on, come on.


(thuds) Come here.

- [White Shirt] What?- Come here.

- Can I ask a stupid question?- Yeah.

- Why do you have dogs?- Because dogs have evolved to love human beings--- No, no, no, no-- - And they're the most wond--- In the car.

- Oh! Oh.

I thought it'd be like more like a Bond villain,like Blofeld but I don't like cats so I, I've.

- Okay.


So just sit back there and pet them like Doctor Evil.

- Yes.

So, first impression to the backseat.

Besides the dogs.

I'm not that tall and yet I feel like I'm,my head is touching the roof.

If I look back, your boobs are eye-level to me.

(laughs)- [Black Shirt] I could see the reason they did this then.

(laughing)- [White Shirt] Yeah, no.

It's not for the reason you think.

- So it's really claustrophobic.

Cause like I,I have this something creeping around my neckand then this ceiling on my head.

- I find it interesting that the backseat is compromisedin its job as a backseat.

And yet BMW put all its money into gimmicks.

- But this thing here, what it's supposed to do,you can control a lot of the functions of the car.

Interior lighting, the seats, the sun shades,climate, all that.

It's pretty cool but it's like,I just, this is the best solution?There's a lot of like tech back here.

And it's nice butI don't know, it's not super comfortable.

And I get a part of this comes,I feel like I'm sitting on like a kid's booster seat.

You know what I mean?(laughs) (mumbles)It's weird too.

Cause it's nice looking leatherand the material looks pretty nice.

But it just doesn't, doesn't.



- Doesn't do its job.

- Which, no and again, for what is this guy?130 something thousand dollars?- Yeah.

- Like,it should be a little bit, I don't know, nicer?I mean.

- [White Shirt] Look, I'm fine with gimmicksas long as the core function of the car works properly.

- [Black Shirt] Yeah.

- I mean,the core function of that backseat is to be comfortable.

You don't look comfortable.

How's the ride back there?- Not wonderful.

I mean, it's kind of, I can, it's a lot chatter.

You know, I can just sort of feel a lot of the bumps.

It's definitely, this car is more comfortablefrom the front seat.

- It doesn't.

Even from the front, it doesn't feel like it ridesas well as the Mercedes does.

- Let's do this.

Let's get me out of the back hereand you into the back of the S Class.

- Cool.

But,does that mean you have to drive me around?- (mumbles) Here can drive you around.

I'm working on some part timing driving,if you know what I mean.

(scoffs)- Grown.

(laughing) Grown!(laughing) (engine revving)(playful music)(engine revving)- So, Jason.

How you likin' the back of the S550?(snoring)Well he's passed out.

Well now it is a quiet car.

But I've long maintained that the pillow on the headrestof the new S class is the most comfortable part of any car.

I'm going to go ahead and wake him up.

Hey, Jason!Wake up!- Oh my God.

Could you shut up?- So this car also has amplification which is,technology taken directlyfrom the 3rd generation Toyota Highlander.

It's finally migrated to an S class.

- Do they have voice shut up-y?Is there like a Johnny mute buttonthat tones your voice down?- No, they don't have that technology.

- (groans) Mercedes, that would be the ultimate luxury.

The Johnny mute button.

Please give me that.

- Well, speaking of ultimate luxury.

Tell me about the backseat--- Oh my God, it is so comfortable back here.

First of all, I feel like the seat is aboutfour and a half feet lower than the backseat of the 7s here.

- You know, seat of like the stadium seating.

- I am.



Not a fan of the screens.

They're motorized and they can tilt.

I wish they could sort of motor themselves away.

- Just kind of disappear maybe?- Disappear, exactly.

- Maybe not be there?- Yeah, I mean really,who wants to throw up in backseat of a luxury car?I mean, you're looking at a screen.

You just tend to get carsick anyway so what's the point.

But you know, everything is beautiful.

It's all well done.

There's a lot of room and it rides so well back here.

But there's not a lot to play with.

There's like, you know, I'm bored.

- That's why we brought you a dog.

- You brought me a puppy dog?- [Black Shirt] Of course! - Oh, puppy dog!- [Black Shirt] Yeah! - Oh, puppy dog.

How cute.


- [Black Shirt] Yeah.

- Okay, so.

- [Black Shirt] Yeah.

- Now that I have dog - [Black Shirt] Yeah.

and I'm fine, yeah.

- [Black Shirt] Yeah.

I don't think this backseat needs anything else.

- So does that, so that's the solution right?Get rid of the screens, add a dog?- Minus one screen plus one puppy dog.

- [Black Shirt] The real test of course is like, you know,which if you were going to chauffeuring for a long distance,would it be the back of the BMW?Or would it be the back of the Benz?- I think the question for most people would become gimmickor comfort, right?And the BMW's filled with a whole bunch of gimmicky thingsto, like, you know to dazzle you.

But I think the fundamentals of this backseat are better.

I have more room.

I'm more comfortable.

Or maybe I just complain less than you do.

(laughs)- Yeah right.

I've never.

- Have you met yourself?- [Black Shirt] As if.

(laughing)I'm thinking this one's kind of obvious.

The S Class is an exceptional luxury vehicle.

And the BMW's pretty good at luxury.

It's pretty good at performance.

And it's pretty good at technology.

- Right, and I think from my perspective,BMW's spend so much time developing gadgets and gizmosand they don't necessarily work.

And then stickers for carbon fiber.

And they miss the mark on why peoplereally buy luxury cars in the first place.

Which is ride quality and backseat comfort and you know,an interior that's truly special.

So I think it's pretty clear.

- That the winner is, and still undefeated,the slugger from stick cars.

- The sledgehammer from (gibberish)- The Mercedes Benz S550.

- Yup.

Now can we go get the V now please?(speaking in foreign language)How do you say three?(speaking in foreign language)Why are we speaking German?- [Black Shirt] I don't know.

- [White Shirt] We are in Los Angeles, you know.

- [Black Shirt] Are we going to drive into the river?- [White Shirt] We're walking to the river but (mumbling)(upbeat chill music).