Top 10 Best 4 Person Tents - Jun 2019

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Are you looking for the best 4 Person Tents? Let’s go ahead and have a look at our top 10 best 4 Person Tents in Jun 2019.

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Rank Product Name Score
1 First Place Kelty Grand Mesa 4 Tent Kelty Grand Mesa 4 Tent
By Kelty
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2 Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin
By Coleman
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3 Best Value Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent, Green Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent, Green
By Coleman
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4 Kelty Salida 4 Tent Kelty Salida 4 Tent
By Kelty
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5 Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent
By Coleman
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6 WEANAS Professional Backpacking Tent 2 3 4 Person 3 Season Weatherproof Double Layer WEANAS Professional Backpacking Tent 2 3 4 Person 3 Season Weatherproof Double Layer
By Weanas
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7 Coleman Carlsbad 4-Person Dome Tent with Screen Room Coleman Carlsbad 4-Person Dome Tent with Screen Room
By Coleman
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8 Eureka Copper Canyon 4 -Person Tent Eureka Copper Canyon 4 -Person Tent
By Eureka
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9 ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4 Person Tent ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4 Person Tent
By ALPS Mountaineering
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10 ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent
By ALPS Mountaineering
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Top 10 Best Family Camping Tents 2019

[Intro]The Eureka Sunrise EX, The Sunrise EX Series is a hybrid dome style tentavailable in 3 sizes.

It offers aunique shape that adds extra verticalspace and a wide assortment ofconvenience features to make your campeven more comfortable.

Windows on allsides offer 360 degree views The SunriseEX Series is equipped with additionalpoles, that pop the tent walls up and outto maximize headroom so you can easilystand inside.

The Sunrise EX comes withan array of comfort based features toenhance your camping experience.

Tt is also compatible with the campcomfort sleep system.

Bags, pads and tentfloors that work together for a no slipsleep experienceThe Sunrise EX low profile dome design isperfect for variable weather and windand on-the-go trips.

The Eureka Sunrise EXThe Midori 4 and midori 6 have allthe superior qualities of the smallerlightweight versions but with a basecamp feel featuring two large doors witheasy side entry.

The Midori tents featureV3 Enhanced Venting Systems for maximumairflow and usable space in thevestibules.

They are compatible with thecamp comforts sleep system.

bags pads andtent floors that work together for a noslip sleep experience.

They also have internal pockets and agear loft for easy access items.

The Midori 4 and midori 6 idealoptions for days on the trail withaccommodating space for surefire comfort.

The Coleman Fastpitch Instant Dome is aspacious and stable dome tent, ideal forcar campers or weekend trips.

Quick andeasy to erect the tent provides a cool andcomfortable accommodation.

FeaturingColeman's rEVOlutionary FastpitchTechnology the Fastpitch Instant Dome iseffortless to pitch in just 1 minute.

durable fiberglass and steel poles arepre-attached to a central hub.

Thisunique spider-like frame means the polescan be easily clicked into place andyour home from home is ready to go inless than 60 seconds.

Remove the tent fromthe bag the tent fabric will be preattached to the poles.

Lift and then theleg poles will all splay out.

Lift overeach of the four leg poles you'll hear aclick when we are correctly in place.

Fold out the front ridge pole this ismarked clearly with red and place it inthe final webbed pole pocket.

Lift up thecentral hub and extend the foreleg polesuntil you hear another click and thesilver buttons locate in the poles.

Closethe door if it's open then peg out thefour corners of the tent tensioning asyou go.

Peg out the guidelines followingthe lines of the poles for correctpositioning and pegging at 45 degreesper extra wind resistance.

Insert themetal strips into the window channels toform the self rolling windows.

These arecolor-coded with a dot on the metalstrip that matches the channel end.

Oncethis is done secure the velcro.

Once pitched the Fastpitch Instant Dome has alarge interior that is ideal foraccommodating a family or group offriends.

Multiple mesh windows allowplenty of light into the tent whilesimultaneously offering excellentairflow for a comfortable interiortemperature and a reduced risk ofcondensation.

Innovative self rolling window coversmake it easy to quickly find the perfectbalance of light and privacy once inside.

the tent is made from durable taffetaand polyester mesh fabrics, that easilystand up to the exertions of lifeoutdoors while a lightweight fly sheetwith a 600 mm hydrostatic headprovides protection from any unexpected showers A clever mesh panel under thedoor gusset prevents pooling of water inthe event of rain.

The tents advancedhybrid pole structure featureslightweight fiberglass at the top andstrong steel at the bottom.

This offersan ideal balance of low weight and highstrength in windy conditions.

For extrastability the Fastpitch Instant Domealso incorporates fully adjustableguylines.

The tough and durableintegrated polyethylene groundsheet haswelded seams to ensure a dry andbug-free interior.

All ten fabrics arefire retardant for greater peace of mind.

The large D-Shaped door with the peakedporch makes entering and exiting thetent effortless.

While the doors doublelayer mesh construction enhance itsairflow through the tent whilesimultaneously keeping biting insects atbay.

Multiple storage pockets make iteasy to keep the tent tidy and organized.

And a light can be secured with alighting loop.

When your holiday is oversetting down the tent is just as quickand easy.

To set down the FastpitchInstant Dome remove all pegs from themain structure and guy ropes depress thesilver butter and retract all four legpoles.

Once retracted drop the structureto the ground remove the ridge pole andfold the pole back.

fold the legs up to the middle of thetent, then lift and gather it alltogether.

Place the tent back into itscarry bag.

Spacious and simple to pitchThe Coleman Fastpitch Instant Dome makesit easy to start your outdoor adventuresin an instant.

The Fastpitch Instant Dome isavailable in 5 and 7 person models.

Roomy, Affordable and Value Pack!The Morrison 2 EVO and Morrison 4 EVO arethe ideal tents for your backpackingadventures.

Based on the award-winningMorrison 2 we've stepped it up a notchwith increased living space and a moreversatile design, for 3 Season weapon.

The included footprint allows you to usethe fast fly configuration to saveweight or use the tent as a Stellar Sunshelter.

To set up the Morrison EVO Tentsstart by spreading out the includedfootprint.

Add the tent on top andassemble the poles.

Be sure to pass thegold poles under the green brown polesleep.

Insert the tips into the grommetsat the corners and then attach the clipsto the poles.

These clips save weight andhelp with breathability under the tentflap.

Add the silver brow pole up top tocreate lots of headroom.

Add the fly ontop clip the corners and stake out thetent.

These ventilation windows increasebreathability on those hot humid nightsStay worry free with our fully seamtaped and waterproof bathtub floor andrain fly.

The vestibules at each doorcover your extra gear at night.

The twodoors make it easy to get in and out andthe no-see-um mesh wall panels allow forplenty of airflow.

Inside the detachableceiling loft pocket is a great place tostash your headlamp and down low themesh storage pockets keep your readingmaterials handy.

The neutral colors ofthe Moors and EVO blend in with theenvironment and keep the bugs at bay.

These versatile highly livable tentswill make a great home on your next tripinto the hills.

The Morrison 2 EVO andMorrison 4 EVO with footprint fromMountainsmithHey!! Phil ahazeltine here with kelty todaywe're going to talk about theaward-winning Salida 2.

this lightweighttwo person backpacking tent is durablybuilt and sets up in a snap.

Well I can'tset itself up the compact folding polesand innovative hug clips.

Make thissimple to pull design almost a snap toset up.

With 30 square feet you canreally spread out and get comfortable360 degree mesh panels offer exceptionalbreathability, while 68-Denier Polyestersidewalls provide additional privacy.

In case of a sudden downpour, the fullcoverage rain fly, is 100-percent seamtaped to keep you dry and even the worstconditions.

And when it's time to headout the Salida breaks down as quicklyand easily as it sets up.

And fitsconveniently in its cube carry bag foreasy transport.

Don't weigh youradventures down instead grab thelightweight and durably built Salida 2.

Hi crowdfunders!! i'm Jake and i'm thefounder of CINCH! 2 years ago has beenthe ultimate pop up tent to havea 30 countries worldwide and theresponse was phenomenal.

You've proventhe crown from them is the best way tolaunch an innovative idea of yourfeedback we've made even moreimprovements.

I came to you a vision forexceptional camping without compromising.

You brought my dream to life.

All thebenefits were regular tent tons morewith none of the hassle.

I'm designedevery singe tent so you can attach a solarpower pack this captures solar energy onthe roof of the tent.

Channels it insidethrough waterproof cable into apocket-sized power bank.

which we'veupgraded this year's about three timesthe capacity of the previous model.

The solar pack is so versatile.

You have allof the USB powered gadgets there weretwo USB ports so you can power twodevices at the same time.

We can take thepower bank with you on the move justunplug it and slip it into your pocket.

The two entrances each with their ownport providing lot of functionality.

You can tailor to your own needs.

You need toCINCH! each entrance that it's all kindof be with attachable poles.

And new 2016it's a super extended canopy which letsyou extend your living space by next4 square meters.

All the kit that's nearlylength into the bag.

This year each cinch hasinside of the tentCINCH! comes in three sizes 2 3 4 personeach one is the largest in its class.

In a format with over 6 square meters.





It's a biggest pop-uptent in the world.

Every tent is double skinto stop condensation.

Made of fullywaterproof fabric which is three timesthe industry standard.

Give me an extraprotection, in really wet conditions.

You don't want to get to a campsite andspend ages assembling your tent.

Want to beable to enjoy yourself straight away andmake the most of being outdoors.

I came up with CINCH! after years ago into music festivals on camping trips and neverfind an attempt to suit my needs.

I went through dozens of tents the bigmanufacturers always let me down.

The adventure doesn't .



Sun Goes Downnighttime is just as important as day.

CINCH! is fully equipped for the darkevery singe is packed with LED Tent Pegs to2 cool torches to turn into lanternsWell now made the life at the guylinesglow in the dark.

We designed a blackoutcanopy.

But also regularity, it'ssuper easy to pour in a matter ofseconds.

In the morning sleeping attemptas long as you want still stare coolcomfortable.

Tent pitches instantly takesless than a minute to pack down to.

Pop up are great, we still on spacecomfort good quality materials the sortof stuff you get when you spend the timeand putting up a regular tent.

I can'tfound my ideal ten anywhere so I decidedto make it myself.

The criteria wasnon-negotiable, Light and Easy to carrywith everything packed together.

Lot of cool features some really serious kitunderneath.

Easy and fun but made fromthe highest quality materials and built to lastIn 2014 thanks to you we wereable to produce CINCH! on a bigger scalethan ever before.

The massive success butit's all in the beginning.

That jumped on me loads about the large-scalemanufacturing process.

Made it clear thatcan go even further.

The next generationCINCH! is ready to go testing is completeand I manufacturers fully briefed.

We just need your help to finishbiomaterials and get production underway.

In return you'll get a new improvedCINCH! before anyone else in the 2017 somereally cool extras just take a look atthe awards see what's an upper you haveconfirmed my belief that CINCH! is theultimate pop-up tent.

Let's make thehassled comfy thing of the past givepeople an experience to fit the greatOutdoorsThe Coleman Galliano is the perfectpartner for festivals multi-stopholidays and weekend trips.

Offering instant comfort and convenience on thecampsite.

Thanks to the Fastpitchpop-up structure pitched in less thanone minute the Galliano's fiberglasspoles pop into shape once removed fromits carry bag and elastic strap.

To setup take the tent out of the bag andremove the elastic strap.

Open up and thetent will pop up into the correct structurePack down the tent using thewebbing loops and then peg theadjustable guy ropes pegging at 45degrees for stability.

Once pitched theGalliano offers comfortable outdooraccommodation.

Sturdy fiberglass polescombined with a stable tunnelconstruction ensure the tent stands strongin all weathers.

Heavy rain is no matchfor the polyester fly sheet which boastsa hydrostatic head of two thousandmillimeters as well as taped seams tokeep you dry.

The tents fabrics are alsofire retardant for greater peace of mindFor maximum airflow inside the tent, theGalliano features a removable roof panelproviding multiple ventilation optionsFrom open sides to a fully open roofwhich is also perfect for stargazing onwarmer nights.

The tents double layereddoor also aids ventilation when requiredWhile the mesh ensures that bugs arekept outsidevaluables and small items can be placedin the interior pockets.

Setting down thetent is equally easy, remove the pegs,gather the tent poles at the top.

Lift onits end then push down and tuck in theside.

Pull over the elastic strap andyou're ready to put it back in the bagThe Coleman Galiano for instantcomfortable accommodationAvailable in 2 and 4 person modelsWhen you get the chance to get outdoorsmake the most of it.

Camping confidenceand comfort in a Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow TentWherever you make camp from thehot deserts to the frigid mountains beits summer or winter you can depend on aKodiak Canvas tent to stand up to theelements.

Setting up the Flex Bow Tent isquick and easy and can be done by justone person.

The Flex Bow Tent has a sturdyframe made with one-inch steel tubingand solid spring rods made with hightensile spring steelAll Kodiak Canvas tents usetop of the line materials and componentsour Flex Bow Tents are made with premiumgrade Hydra shield 100% cottonDuck Canvas.

The tight weave and siliconefinished make the Canvas watertight yetbreathable, minimizing condensation andmugginess.

Unlike Canvas Tents of yearspast our Canvas will not weight waterWatertight and breathable means you staymore comfortableThis rugged tent will also hold up tostrong winds and even snow loadsSeams are double stitched and corners arereinforced for added strength.

The highquality zippers will withstand demandinguse and the floor is a heavy-dutypuncture resistant 16-ounce vinyl thatkeeps water out.

The solid steel 12-inchstakes are ideal for hard or even rockygroundNot only are these tents well-madethey're loaded with lots of greatfeatures.

Large D-Shaped Doors front andback offer easy access, while the highceilings and steep side walls providestand up walk around comfortLarge windows zip open or shut from the insideand allow one to really open the tent upFunnel flow vents improve airflow andventilation helping with temperaturemanagement.

Zip them open or shut thegear loft makes a handy place to storeitems off the floor it can be used inattic or sling mode while pocketorganizers are useful to store smallitems.

A large awning not only provideshade when it's stormy it provides acovered entry and also allows you toopen the front windows without the worryof rain getting in.

When it's time to gonothing beats the strap-and-cinchstorage bag just roll the tent up thenfold the bag around the tent and cinchit closed.

The importance of a goodshelter is often overlooked, it is one ofthe most crucial items of gear to ensurean enjoyable outing.

If you're seriousabout the outdoors.

Isn't it time you hada serious tentThe Coleman Sundome is a quick and easyto pitch dome tent, ideal for weekendbreaks and touring camping.

Combining agenerously proportioned sleeping areawith a peaked porch the tent providescomfortable accommodation for couples orsmall groups on the campsite.

It'sportable construction features durableyet lightweight fiberglass poles thatensure an optimum balance of strengthand stability with a low weight.

The tentproven dome structure combined withfully adjustable and reflective guyropes.

Also ensures it will stand strongin windy conditions.

One set up the SunDome offers generous head height forincreased comfort.

A large mesh windowwith adjustable cover on the backProvides excellent airflow through thetent and also gives a view of yoursurroundings.

The large D-Shaped frontdoor with mesh ensures easy entry andexit, while the peek over the doorcreates a sheltered area when enteringthe tent in a shower.

The convenient doormat offers an ideal space for kickingoff shoes and boots.

The tents durableconstruction features large mesh panelsfor enhanced air circulation and a morecomfortable interior temperature, forextra protection from heavy orunexpected rain showers.

The sundomeincorporates a protective fly sheet witha 600 millimeter hydrostatic headThe tough and durable polyethylene groundsheet has welded seams to ensure a dryand bug-free interior.

The peace of mindall fabrics are fire retardantTo storage pockets along with lightingloops, make it easy to keep the tent tidyand organized.

While the power cord ventallows you to run power inside the tentto operate some extra home comforts.

Easyto pitch thanks to Coleman ring and pinpole system the sundome can beeffortlessly set up in around five minutesremove from the bag.

Layout the tentthen loosely peg out the fourcorners.

Assemble the fiberglass polesand insert the two long poles into thepole sleeves.

The pole sleeves cross atthe top of the tent.

Insert the pins intothe pole ends on one side, then push toform the dome and insert the pins intothe other ends of the poles.

Clip thetent to the poles, lay out the flysheetput the last Pole through the velcrotabs and place the ends into the webbingpockets.

Take the fly sheet over the tentthe back of the fly sheet is labeledAttach the flysheet velcro tabs to thepoles to secure and then hook to thering at ground level.

Tension and tightenthe pegs have required and then peg outthe two guidelines.

Finally add the doormat and secure with pegsthe Coleman sundome is available in2 3 4 or 6 person models.