Top 10 Best Alarm Clocks - Jun 2019

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Are you looking for the best Alarm Clocks? Let’s go ahead and have a look at our top 10 best Alarm Clocks in Jun 2019.

We have scanned 190 reviews and come down with top 10 best Alarm Clocks from Home, Garden & Tools products.

Here are our top 10 best Alarm Clocks in 2019 reviews. Take a look at our recommended items and learn more about the features of each to help you select the item to buy.

Rank Product Name Score
1 First Place AMIR Wake-Up Light Beside Lamp Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation, 5 Natural Sounds AMIR Wake-Up Light Beside Lamp Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation, 5 Natural Sounds
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2 【NEW VERSION】Alarm Clock, OUTWIT Wake Up Digital Clock for Kids, 7 Colors Changing 【NEW VERSION】Alarm Clock, OUTWIT Wake Up Digital Clock for Kids, 7 Colors Changing
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3 Best Value DreamSky Decent Alarm Clock Radio With FM Radio And USB Port For Charging DreamSky Decent Alarm Clock Radio With FM Radio And USB Port For Charging
By DreamSky
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4 Mpow Projection Alarm Clock, 5'' LED Curved-Screen Projection Clock, FM Radio Alarm Clock Mpow Projection Alarm Clock, 5'' LED Curved-Screen Projection Clock, FM Radio Alarm Clock
By Mpow
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5 hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock - Digital LED Clock with 6 Color Switch hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock - Digital LED Clock with 6 Color Switch
By hOmeLabs
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6 Mpow Projection Clock, FM Radio Alarm Clock, Curved-Screen Digital Alarm Clock, 5'' LED Mpow Projection Clock, FM Radio Alarm Clock, Curved-Screen Digital Alarm Clock, 5'' LED
By Mpow
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7 Emerson CKS1708 SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio, Charging Station/Phone Chargers with USB port Emerson CKS1708 SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio, Charging Station/Phone Chargers with USB port
By Emerson Radio
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8 Travelwey LED Digital Alarm Clock - No Frills Simple Operation, Large Night Light Travelwey LED Digital Alarm Clock - No Frills Simple Operation, Large Night Light
By Travelwey
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9 Emerson ER100301 SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker, Charging Station/Phone Chargers Emerson ER100301 SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker, Charging Station/Phone Chargers
By Emerson Radio
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10 Electrohome EAAC601 Projection Alarm Clock with AM/FM Radio, Battery Backup, Auto Time Set Electrohome EAAC601 Projection Alarm Clock with AM/FM Radio, Battery Backup, Auto Time Set
By Electrohome
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4 Million Volt iPhone Stunner! | 10 Pointless Tech Gadgets!

Is it going to be really loud? I'm really scared now(Music Starts)Bryan:Ohh!Not loud at all man like where is my water bottleMatthias: That is so loud!!Matthias and Bryan:AHHH!(Intro Starts)What's going on guys I am Matthias and Welcome to 10Pointless Tech gadgets that may waste your money.

Yes, that is right todayWe're looking at 10 tech gadgets that will most likely waste your moneyand I'm going to be the deciding factor if they do waste your money because I'm going to rate them wasteful, orTasteful!Guys make sure you click that bell icon next to my channel name on desktop and mobile to get notified when I upload videos becauseWhen I upload videos sometimes I left room beforehand alsoYou don't want to miss my videos because If you miss my videos you will be sadAnd I don't want you to be sad.

I want you to be happy.

That's why I make videosOh!Light UpThis is I hip dude this ain't just hip is I hip [its] [ee] hip color changing light bulb with remotechanging different hues at the click of a buttonI used to have life like this that actually had a remote with it because here's the [thing] about these light bulbsThey're not high quality like how much did this one cost you? Bryan:Seven dollars.

Matthias:okay?So look I get to choose from all these different colors hereAnd I also get it to go Bright,Flash,Strobe,Fade this right here isA hue light okay it turns on and there's more light and that also that alsoChange its color [coloured] see check this out boom you can change colors adapt around itBut you'll notice go back to that one color you notice the lines on my face kind of like moving up and downIt's hard to detect because these things have a very fast active refresh rate, so when I unplug this always turn it off first kids(Got Confused)(Turned Off)I don't know how to use a light bulb anymoreYou're gonna probably notice a much heavierRefresh rate if you don't I will be impressed with this bulb if you do see a really ugly refresh rateSo I kind of expect it with a cheap led bulbsWhy is it strobing all different colors stop dude brighten it up?My word that is a dim.

That is dim a(Sings) FOkay, so it does go darker, but it doesn't like that it so dim dude.

Are you kidding me?Let's do white.

That's white.

That's it says.

That's white.

That's supposed to be whiteIt's like literally by my head, and it's not even casting a shadowLet's turn offThat is very very weak, but the refresh rate isn't badBut that's probably because it's so weak.

Let's see if it will strobe heads up.

It's about to strobe.

Are you kidding me?Bryan:That's it.

Wow, dude.

Wow, that's strobing fast man(laughs)Bryan:That's what they consider strobing.

Matthias:What do I press it again to go faster?That's it's strobing every one second every two seconds.

Well that does look cool looks like a lightsaber dude(Acting like a lightsaber).

I don't like this.

This is cheap.

This is wastefulAnnoy-O-TronPrankster Pack!(Voice gets deeper)Periodic beats and sounds make your friends crazy hunting for that annoying noiseringtone Annoy-O-TronUnsettling spooky sound effects scared the crap out of your friendsSo you hide these little things somewhere and people just cannot find outWhere the noise is coming from I use one so far in the officeAnd it's had me in stitches as my poor colleague slowly went mad searching for a small child laugh.

Yes, they're quiet, but if you hide it just right, it's a mental meltdown great fun at the office.

Battery died too soon.

But while it lasted, it's been a blast my roommate thinks we had a rogue cat inside somewhere and a ghost in her roomNo lie she's burned sage told her whole family and I swearShe's trying to find a priest.

That's messed up dude! That's hard bruh! Add to cart!(Slams)Ohh!!Annoy-O-Tron Prankster Pack.

Pesky ringtones annoying noises and spooky sounds(Open)So I'm taking out all the tab here.

Bryan: you choose or so we choose.

What sound so I'm going to choose now(Noises)Those are all the noises that are in this so now you can select which noise.

That one right there would drive me crazy because you'd be like where is that it sounds real?You know like the cat like come on like come onI was doing cat in my room like dingdong like you'd have to have that exact sounding doorbellThis next one:(Noises)that one would be what does that sound like just sounds like going around.

Someone likes:(Dog Sound)if it rotated through a bunch of ghastly noisesBut like if I heard the same noise over and over and over I do like okay like after the third time I'd be likeLast oneRingtoneWell, that's the old ringtone dude.

Oh! Little vibration dude.

So if I go to vibrationThat right there would get me for sure dude because I have like a ton of phone man if you just set this somewhereI'd be like what phone is vibrating dude.

Okay? I like this.

I'm gonna keep these Gonna mess with Amanda.

Don't tell herSeek thermal XR imager for IOS.

What so this thing supposedly?Sees thermal imaging that's incredible.

For those of you not familiar with thermal imaging it's looking at the world through temperatureso to speak with a detectable temperature range of negative 40to 626 Degrees Fahrenheit,Tracking Wildlifes, spotting Predators, Focusable Lens allow YOU-SERS (laughs)to Fine-Tune their thermal imagery (laughs)So I was assuming since it was Two hundred fifty dollarsBryan didn't buy itBryan:I did not buy thatAHHHH!!AHHH!!Guys, do you want us to make a video with this thing?It'd be funny to see this if it actually works like we can put like sheets up and have people hide behind them.

Matthias:YEAH!!To see if it would work.

Matthias:Yeah!!Let's do that!!Also let's try to find some predators for real give this video like if you want to see that if this video gets enough likesI will buy that and we'll make a video dedicated to finding how that thing worksBut it's only dependent on it if you like it because of it this video doesn't get likes I know you aren't interestedOh!! What??Force push with a Jedi training RodI'm SHOOK.

What is a Jedi training Rod?Bryan:You've never heard of it.

You're obviously not a hardcore.

No dudeI am a hardcore star wars fan, and I'm gonna be honest with you.

I've never been like let me get my training RodOh Jedi Force Levitator, okay?They show Obi-Wan, and he doesn't have a force levitator was I don't remember that kid in Star wars at allOh, sweet do to force Rod.

Oh that's very delicate.

This is so delicate.

It's just like it's tinsel(Confused)But it got stuck it got it got stuck onI'm not reading the instructions intentionally because I want to see what's going on here.

Oh!Bryan:What this is blowing air? Matthias: It's it's just it's creating static.

(Dramatic Music)It's not blowing air.

It's creating some type.


Uh! keep sticking to my face dude.

Oh!Oh!Did you see that thing?Oh!Oh! It's shock me in the face like six times.

(laughs)Woah! No! Ouch!Shock me! Dude it's attacking me.

Sorry, but Jedi's have more control or the force!Oh!! It shock me in the nose again.

Aww! It shock me in the arm! Stop! Stop! Bryan:It comes after you.

Matthias: Why are they comes after me bro!Don't come after me.

Aww!! Oh! jeez dude that really shocked me(Instant Replay) Aww!! Oh!This thing stinks dude literally, just generate static electricity so you get shocked and now I'm SHOOK!Here dude you do it? I want you to get shock.

Aww!! (laughs)You hear that.

Stop! Don't! Stop!You touch me you die.

Bryan:You're really afraid of me right now.

I hate static electricity dude!(High five's really loud)I don't like that.

I resaid a wastefulYou're gonna Short-Circuit yourself.

I'd be careful.

(Really scared)HUH!!Did.



(Both)AWWW!!(laughs)That was crazy dude this tool right here.

This little kids tool.

You can literally go walk up to someone's computer and just talk to them and just be likeUnderhandedly pointing it at their like machine and just fry their machineI barely even pointed it at my machine right here, and the whole thing's glitched out(Slams)Uhh!! Pro BudsWhat is this two-in-one micro earpiece car charger driver series up to 1.

5 hours of talk time?So what this is.


is you put that in your car? And this is specifically designed so that you can talk in your car, right?Bryan: It's an earpiece.

So it's just an earpiece, but it's designed for easy use with your carWow, that's supposed to fit in your ear.

Here that looks painful.

That does not look like it belongs in an ear.

Mean I guess oh, it's just not comfortable outOuchy! that is not comfortable so the contacts right there you see those two contacts right there boom and boom that's how it charges whoopsSo you plug this into your car boom you got a charging earpiece, so when you get into your car?Bryan:That why it's not comfortable gonna put the ear tip.

Oh! gonna put that ear tip on.

I wonder it hurts.

No,No that is an ear tip look seeYou have to take this one off first.

Bryan:Ohh!some with a really small ear hole am I right so right now.

We're entering pairing modeIt's kind of cool.

See a little thing light up like thatThat's kind of neat that took a while to put that new ear buttonSo now I got the fits for my ear.

I got giant ears sweet.

So you plug this in put that in thereI also have some so you don't waste a port on your car.

You can actually also charge other USB stuff.

Here's the question does this actually work? So Bryan's going to call me right now.

I'm gonna answerOh wait! I'm gonna try to answer right here.

It says "You'll have an incoming call" and then it says that a phone number.


Oh, man.

That's quiet.

Hold on let me turn up the volume.

Oh!, that's some bad quality audio, okay?I'm hanging up on you hold onDid I hang up on you? Yes.

Uhh!! Okay, not very comfortable, but overall it works.

Here's the issue thoughNowhere near allowed.

Bryan:So if you in car.

Yeah, this is designed to be in a carSo it just needs to be way louder all in all sadly.

I'm gonna have to say it's wastefulMake it louder, and then it's gonna be tasteful.

Bada-bim Bada-BoomHexbug Battlebots Rival.




I like the sound of that.

What's a hex bug thoughI think I tried a hex bug did I.

Bryan: It's a spider.

It was like a hex bug spider.

Whoo!(Hex Bug Walks)Okay, that's creepySo these two little things are like battle botsSo we can battle it out right now.

(Voice gets deeper)Wage war on your opponents and take no prisoners.

Now you can bring back action with you anywhere! After the battles over.

Easily rebuilt the defeated party for round two.

If they're up for the challenge.

That sounds like fun although they lookInordinately tiny, so let's add to cart and find out! Bryan: Let's be careful.

ElectronicsThat can't swim.

Matthias: So look we got the two little remotes thereThat is literally the size of my biggest finger on my hand Rivals head-to-head remote control.

Why are they so small?Those look kind of fun.

I call this one(Opens)Oh my gosh!There we go cut it yeah yeah, cut it oh yeahOkay, so there's this guy, that's mineOkay, so I believe mines on now.

(Robots Move) Oh!There we go.

Wow! Wow! These have a decent amount of control.

So how do you? Bryan: Ensure.


Matthias: Ahh!!!That's cool.

Okay, Bryan No! No! No! No! No! Relax! Relax! bro.

He'd got like a saw blade dude! Bryan: Right here.

What's the bet?Bryan: Post an Ugly face on your own Twitter?Matthias: lunch.



(laughs)Go!!! Bryan: Uhh!!!!!!!!!!Get out of here! Oh!!Why are you coming up against me, bro?I'm protecting my.




Oh jeez! The issue is you have to hit my back somehow.

Yes! No!Uhhh!!Matthias:Yesss!!! Bryan:Nooo!!You're dead! You have been defeated! Bryan: Noo!!!Uhh!! Die! Yess!!! Bryan: Noo!!! Matthias: What? Is that suppose to come off? No that doesn't come off.

Bryan: Is that suppose to come off?.

No, I won I think.

Oh! More pieces in here just falling off.

Matthias: Yes you get that last piece off of mine.

I have one more piece right there.

Yours is not good.

KA-HIYAA! UHH-HIYAUhh!!They just keep going.

That's disappointingSo how do you ever know who wins? Matthias: That's what I'm saying so what I was assumingWas going to happen is when all these pieces flew off it would stop.

Bryan: Yeah! Matthias: Therefore your bot would be defeatedSlightly disappointing although they're very fun.

I just wish it had that functionality you'd be likeNo, you didn't get me so I would say I would say it's tastefulI would say it's tasteful but for a man my age.

I'd want something a little bit more intense.

Wolo Music Time Remote Controlled Electronic Musical Horn Plays.


La Cucaracha (laughs) and Mexican Hat Dance.

So this what is the.


Oh!! There sweet! Yeah? There's a video.

It didn't pop up.

(La Cucaracha Music)This literally a sound.

Matthias: It's literally a sound and there's the hat dance(Mexican Hat's Dance Music)So do you put this in your car? Bryan: Yes!It's a gift for your car! Matthias: Simple to install into the engine compartment.

Connect one wire to ground and the other 12 volt music time is ready to play.

See itI don't have that in my car you do though.

Sorry dude you gonna have to put that in your car dude.









(laughs)Add to Cart!Music Time! (Speaks In Spanish) Toca dos canciones populares (It means"Play two popular songs")(Opens)Oh my word this is like legit.

So I might my assumption for this.

This is for someone that really really really loves those Mexican songs and they want themPerpetually on the car forever or food truck or food truck or a food truck.

Yeah! Yeah! Food truck because this looks legit right now dude.

How are we going to use this? What do you got here?What is this? What is that?Hold these no don't let them touchDon't let them touch if you see a little spark when I tested this other day.

Is it going to be really loud?I'm really scared now.

You don't know you haven't tested it.

I'm I don't know.

I don't think it's poweredBryan:Ooh!Bryan:That's so loud!Matthias:That is so loud!!!Matthias and Bryan:AHHH!Oh my gosh, dude.

(laughs)Bryan: Ahhh!! No!!Okay, so it worksThat is for sure it definitely works.

What are we going to do with this now Bryan? (laughs) I mean is this tech is this.




Of course there's wires.

There's power, There's remotes, There's wireless technologies so.


I guess so,I guess so I say it's wastefulGuard Dog Security iStun Cell Phone Gun Stun,Gun,Gun,Stun (Surprised) Four Million VoltsAre you kidding me right now? Oh, it's not an actual cell phone.

It's just a stunner that makes it look like a cell phone so that when someone's creeping up on youYou can look like your on your cellphone.



pazap! Your dead kid!I don't know why your stunning a kid, but don't stun kidsOkay!Stun Gun built to resemble the world's most famous smartphone built-in LED flashlight.



There you go.

Safety switch to prevent accidentalDischarge.

Oh gosh!! Could you imagine put that in your pocket like "Oh, mama?"(Narrator Talks) Wow! They're straight up trying to sell like an Apple iPhone.

"an Elegant case"You hear that music dude.

This is like Old School Apple Style.

Trying like to get you all mood about a piece of like glass and metal.

My life's different now.

I'd be more impressed.

If it was an actual phone.

Bryan: Or is it? Matthias: Well let's find out! Add to Cart!!(laughs quietly)World's first most smartphone looking stun gun like they accomplished a lot by putting a sticker on itI mean, who's just going to fool though? That's that's my question.

We got like all the.


the little case here becauseYou know you carry your cell phone in a case on your belt.

They even had the liberty of putting a screen protector on it.

No!!Yeah! Bryan: Well now that looks real.

That's a sharp looking screen.

Matthias: Oh my gosh!The back too it looks like an iPhoneLook they even put a screen protector on the back.

Look that's supposed to resemble a camera.

Bryan: That was the led lightOh, that's the led light.


Oh that's funny dude.

Okay so how does it work? I'm like legit a little scared right now because I don't know how it works.






(Instant Replay) AHHH!!! SSTO.





Oh!Oh!I figured it out.

Ready?(Zapps)OH!Jeez!! That is so loud.

I'm gonna show it to you again.

Ready?(Zapps)Oh my gosh! That is so loud! Alright.

No! (laughs)Why did you pointed at me!Wait, do it to the box to see if it burns the body.

Matthias: To see if it burns the box.

Yeah, this is greatDon't do this at Home kids! Bryan and I are trained it idiots.

(Zapps)Oh jeez! dude!(Zapps)Now it's just shocking it.

It didn't actually do anything to the box.

Bryan: Dude I'd really thank youWhat if you conducted it to your.



(laughs) Matthias: Conducted it through cardboard Bryan! Bryan: You know what's in that? What if.


Matthias: CARDBOARD!!(Zapps)That actually hurts the ears look at that.

Look at that up close.

(Zapps)Woohh!! Luckily all you'll perpetually have a hundred percent battery and it'll always be9:41 I'd say as far as Stun Guns go.

tasteful!This is super clever.

You get the idea right! You got a cell phone someone approaching you and you're like(Girl Impression)I'm gonna call the police if you hit me!*Bazzap* You dead kid!Why is it always kids?*Bazzap* You dead!(Zapps)Before we see that next product make sure you subscribe hereSo you see upcoming videos by clicking that big old red button that looks a lot like this below this videoHit it! Don't quit it! and Let's continue it!Next item! Bryan: Don't look,don't look!,don't look!Now this item use to be very popular back in the day.

Matthias: It used to be popular this exact item.

Bryan: Yes!It was in every single car.

Remember now this exact thing, but what this item can play.


Now see now Bryan you're just wasting my money.

External microphone and blank cassette tape includedWhat the heck are you serious?Why?How many of you guys in the comments know what this is like let's be real or use one or have ever used one orEven care let's be real do you even care with this? Oh my gosh! It's enormous.

Why?Do you need the instructions on how to use this? Matthias: I don't need the instructions on how to use a cassette, broWhen I was growing up these were just going out of style.

It does have actually a spot for D batteriesLiterally Ds.

This kids is called a tape cassetteThere's a little film in there that you can digitally record on to quite interesting and it's all in its glorySo that we what we do here is we open it.

Where's the open?The manual?I might need the manual.

Oh! I am doing the wrong way! Whoopsie-daisy!It's been a while,There you go.

I did it!! Bryan: Yay!! Literally I tried every other option (laughs)Good, it's rewound so now plug in the microphone look at this thing dude!I am now,,,Recording onto my new cassette playerI'm so excited to have a cassette player because I am going to record all of my musings thoughts andand Intimacy's just keep them to myself.

So now let's rewindAnd now we playIt's so quiet.

I can't even hear it.

Let's try again.

Just recording with this microphone.

This is a test testing testing one two threeThis thing's sucks dude.

You're kidding me right now?AHHH!!!!This thing's crap alright.

I just found a tape way back when I used to use cassette tapesI want to.


I want to play it for youYes or no? It's I Matthias.

Diary Journal Number Seventy Thirty Hundred and Fifty Eight.

Today, I saw a woman.

This time.

She was beautiful.


Mom get out!!!! Ohh! Yeah, wow I remember that last part dude wasteful.

Let's take the piece of crap.

(Drops the Cassette)Ohhhh!!!Didn't I have something like this before? Bryan: It was a basketball game.

It was a basketball game, and I was like destroying it up at dudeYay!!So this is like a mini arcadeCouldn't you just give me the big one dude? All you have to give me the small tiny ones to play modes arcade styleJoystick Authentic Arcade sounds Monochrome, LCD Background(Opens)Let's see what this is about.

On! Oh!! I've never been good at Pac-man.

I never really cared about Pac-Man.

(Bryan got shock) Start!I'm going up.

I'm doing it all.

I'm that black dotAnd I'm just going around and eating all the good thingsOkay, I'm not so bad at Pac-man bro.


I'm not so bad these guys stink bro.

Ohh! That guy almost got me, but he didn't.

Haha!Ohh!! He's chasing me now.

Nope he's notWow this is.



This is what I'm sorry to hear what you just said?HAHA!!How many chances do I have before I like croak because I think I'm about to pass this level come on, broLet me add it.

OHH!!!Literally one left.

OHH!!Screw this thing dude.

I don't like it.

How much was this 15 that's not bad high score a thousand sixtyI bet no one has ever beaten that ever in the history of mankindMy top scores the best top score am I right you see that thing right there in the thumbnail.


It's not what you think it is.



actually it may be it maybe what you think it is.

It is a back massager.

(laughs)But it actually worked quite.

Well, so go over there click it have some fun with meI didn't sound good either all right .

High Five!.