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How to Copy CD/DVD Labels (Epson XP-8500) NPD5912

Copying CD/DVD LabelsTap the Right Arrow.

Select [Various prints].

Tap the Right Arrow.

Select [Copy to CD/DVD].

Select [Copy to CD/DVD].

Place your CD/DVD with the label side facing down.

Tap [Proceed to set up Outer/Inner].

Adjust the inner and outer diameters.

Tap [Select Type].

Select [Print on CD/DVD].

Pull out the paper cassettePull out the CD/DVD tray.

Put the cassette back.

Place a CD/DVD on the tray with the printable side up.

Make sure the disc does not fall by inverting the trayInsert the CD/DVD tray into the CD/DVD slot.

Take a look at the CD/DVD slotMatch the alignment marks.

Select [Installed].

Tap [OK].

Tap [Copy].

When printing has finished, the CD/DVD tray is ejected automatically.

Tap [Done].

Tap [Close].

Return to the home screen.