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weBoost cell phone booster installation and review...

hey guys today we're gonna be doing an install and product review and theproduct we're gonna be checking out as a cellphone booster and it's the drivesleek vehicle signal booster kit and it's from weboost now I got this offAmazon for 200 bucks and then I also went aheadand bought the antenna extension from Wilson Electronics for $18 I saw it insome of the reviews and a couple of my friends have this kit and they said thisantenna extension works better than the one that's in the kit so we're gonnagive it a shot you know living out here in the middle of nowhere it's great youknow but the cell service is terrible and then also we go to a lot of off-roadparks we don't have any cell service so this year we're gonna try and stay inbetter communication we thought it was about time we've got a cell phonebooster so what we're gonna do is we're gonna get my RAM in here install thisbad boy and let you know how it works out one of the first things I'll dowhenever I get something is check it out and see what the packaging is like andwhat the instructions are like it's got to have good instructions good packagingand hopefully the installation is easy too one of the nice things about thiskit is everything is numbered in the order that you go in when you'reinstalling it so the installation instructions are pretty detailed thenumber system is pretty good so now it's time to get the truck in here and startinstallingwell I found out my first problem the antenna that everybody was saying to getdoes not work with this booster here's the hole that the booster supposed to gointo and the shark-fin looking antenna goes right into it fits perfect and this oneis too big it doesn't fit in there so I'm not sure if people are fabricatingit I could fabricate it but I'm just gonna probably rock and roll with theStock one go with the shark-fin all right well that's good to knowdon't order the $18.

00 antenna it doesn't work well according to ourinstructions here the first thing we're gonna do is Mount the antenna and thenroute the cable into the truck the cool thing about the antenna that comes inthis kit is it's like shark-fin style antenna with a magnet on top you justput it on top of your vehicle and this antenna here you have to keep 12 inchesaway from any other antennas on your vehicle and six inches away from anyglass including your sunroof and the cable coming off the antenna is strongenough that you can shut it in the windows or in the side of the door andit won't damage it all right step one two is done now step three we're gonnaplace the booster in the back of my truck so that we can plug the antennainto it and then also we'll plug the power into this and we'll run it up tothe cradle that goes up to the front of the truck where you put your phone inmoving onnow we're gonna take our antenna cable and we're gonna plug it into our boosterright here and the nice thing about the booster is it comes with velcro on it soyou can hide it put it out of the way under your seat but we're gonna put it onthe back of the cab of the truck and keep it out of the way well we're alldone steps one two and three and next up is step number four that's the power I'mgonna go ahead and plug this in and run this wire back to the booster itself andplug it in and I want to make sure everything works first before I gohiding the wires and making it look all nice and pretty and buttoning it up sogot to make sure it works first well we're all done step four we're moving onto step 5 which is the cradle you just put your phone in there it adjusts forwhatever size phone you have and then it has a magnet on the back just stick iton your vent magnet right there then you plug that into the wire coming off thebooster and then we're going to take this thing down the road and see how itworks right now we have full bars and we've always had maybe one maybe twodepending on how the winds blowing and right here at our house so we're gonnatake it down root I guarantee you there's a couple places down the roadthat if it gets cell service there I'm impressed because I think my phone comesup and is like don't even think about it when I'm looking for signalit's doing pretty good so far we have three bars and usually right about herewe might have one bar I'm in a spot where there is no cell service ever Ihave two bars and I just called somebody and it works so I'm gonna try it for thenext couple days here and then I'll have a final wrap-up and let you know if thisthing's a hit or a miss well guys the cellphone booster was a hit that thingworks I drove all around the areas that I knew I had no cell service before andnow I had one to two bars and I got phone calls out everywhere I went soit's definitely something that works it's the drive sleek vehicle signalbooster kit it's on Amazon it's $199.

99 I'll put a link here you canfollow you can check it out I would not recommend getting the antenna extensionI'm not sure what I did wrong maybe I followed the wrong link got some wronginformation but this does not work with this so I would not recommend spending$18 on that and if you have one let us know how you like itor if you're using something else let us know that too because we're alwayslooking for great new ideas and products to help us all out on our adventures.