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Weber Kettle Comparison - Original Kettle, Original Kettle Premium & Master Touch -

Hi, I'm Chef Tony Matassa.

Today we're checking out these three weber kettles, and although they look fairly similar,they have some different features.

So we'll take a closer look at that because we get a lot of questions on that and hopefullywe can answer those.

To my far right we have Weber's original kettle, this is the original premium, and of courseto my left we have weber's master touch kettle.

We'll begin with the original.




Which is available in 18 inches as well as 22 inch models.

The exterior of the kettle is Porcelain enameled steel, allowing the grill to resist corrosion,and the two exterior handles are glass reinforced nylon, wich is also perfect for resistingthe elements.

For temperature control, the lid features a no rust aluminum vent, allowing you to createthe perfect environment from searing to smoking.

Let's take a look at the inside, the cooking grids are plated steel, and each side featuresa handle for easy removal.

Below the cooking grids, you will find the charcoal grate which separates the coal fromthe ashes at the bottom of the grill.

The bottom of the grill features Weber's Patented One-Touch cleaning system.

In addition to precise airflow control, these blades actually sweep the bottom of the grill,making cleanup hassle free.

The ash falls into the collection pan at the bottom of the grill, which is easily removable.

For easy portability, the Weber original kettle has all weather crack proof wheels.

Next, we will take a look at the Weber Original Kettle Premium, which is available in both22 and 26 inch models.

This 22 inch grill is also available in a range of color options, which is nice.

The lid features a built in thermometer, for ease of temperature monitoring.

In addition, The lid handle of the Kettle Premium features a heat shield, which protectsyour hand from the heat rising from the grill.

Of course the lid also features the vent wheel as we saw on the original kettle.

Let's have a look at the inside.


The cooking grates of the Weber Original Premium are hinged on 2 sides, allowing you to easilyadd charcoal and smoking woods without having to remove your food from the grill.

The sides of the cooking grids feature handles for easy removal, and below the cooking gridsyou will find the Charcoal Grate and One Touch cleaning system as we saw on the OriginalKettle.

Below the grill, the premium kettle is set apart by the high capacity ash catching system.

Simply sweep your ashes from the grill with this lever, and easily empty this containeras needed.

The Weber Original Premium comes with crack proof wheels, and the added feature of BBQtool hooks on the side handles.

Now let's take a look at the Weber Master Touch kettle.



This is a 22 inch kettle, and it comes in black.

The lid features a built in thermometer for precise cooking temperatures, and the lidhandle also features the heat shield.

The vent wheel comes with the addition of an easy grip heat guard, making adjustmentsof the vent a breeze.

The side of the Weber Master Touch features this lid cradle, allowing for a convenientplace to put the lid when removed, and could also function as a windbreak.

The interior of the master touch comes with a removable warming rack, for expanded grillreal estate, and the grids feature the hinged sections for easily adding charcoal and smokingwoods to the included char basket fuel holders.

In the center of the cooking grids, you will find what really brings the cooking versatilityof this grill to the next level.

Simply remove this piece of the grate, and you are ready to pop in any of the Weber GourmetBBQ System accessories.

For example, here is the Cast Iron Wok that is part of the Gourmet BBQ System.

In addition to the Wok, Weber also offers a wide variety of other accessories in theGourmet system ranging from a Poultry roaster to searing grate.

Under the cooking grates, the included char basket fuel holders come in handy when youwant to easily move and concentrate your charcoal heat source for searing, or bank them on eitherside of the grill for indirect cooking.

Of course, below the baskets you will find the charcoal grate and the One Touch Cleaningsystem at the bottom of the grill.

The Weber Master Touch also features the large capacity ash catcher at the bottom.

For smooth Portability, it also features 8 inch rubber molded wheels.

Finally, the side handle of the grill features Weber's convenient BBQ tool hooks.

I hope that today’s overview has helped to clear up any questions you have betweenthe kettles, if you have any other questions, please give us a call or check us out online.


I’m Chef Tony Matassa, and remember.


at BBQGuys.

com, we SMOKE the competition!.