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hey how's it going thank you dearso this is the ACS c30 - it's theirChromebook their top-of-the-lineChromebook and I don't do much coverageof Chromebooks on this channel least Ihaven't in the past because I feel likethis type of hardware Chromebooks theirvalue is highly dependent on theirsoftware like without a good softwareexperience this whole ecosystem doesn'twork very well and in the past that hasbeen great but recently actually in thevery near future these will becomeawesome so before I get into the wholelike review of this particular unit Ineed to talk about the state ofChromebooks in early 2017 so Chromebookshave traditionally been just like okayif you don't know what a Chromebook isif a inexpensive laptop like device wellit's basically a laptop and it runsChrome OS which is a software made byGoogle now in order to put applicationson these thingstraditionally you go to something calledthe Chrome Web Store which is kind oflike their App Store so iPhones have theApp Store Android phones have the GooglePlay Store Chromebooks have somethingcalled well they used to have somethingcalled the Chrome Web Store which istheir application kind of library theproblem with that developers just didn'tdevelop much for the Chrome Web Storelike most of the popular applicationsweren't available on the Chrome WebStore so Google did this thing last yearwhere they're like hey we're going toallow Android applications the ones thatyou would see on your Android phonewe're going to put those ontoChromebooks in the near future and thatis right now in the next week or twothey're going to be rolling out acrossmost Chromebooks at least all thecurrent generation ones and futuregeneration Chromebooks they're going tobe able to run Android applications soat first glance it's not like a hugething yeah it's like a bunch of apps arecoming into the system but this reallyis a game changer so not only do youhave just a gigantic library of apps nowyou're now able to do stuff offline soif you want to do editing of documentsoffline if you want to play gamesoffline if you want to download videosand watch stuff off Netflix offline youcan now do this on a Chromebook theseare basically full-fledged computers sothe addition of these Android apps intothis Chromebook ecosystem I think it'sgoing to heavily affect the sales andthe livelihood of Android tablet this isa Galaxy Tab as 3 came out week maybetwo weeks ago and I feel like theseproducts are dead on arrival I just whywould you purchase that when you couldbuy these for half the price and they'rejust as if not more capable than thosesome apps don't work it like thiscocaine this is a really popular photoediting app and when I try to install itit says it's incompatible but chancesare if your favorite app isn't availableright now there's going to be analternative or two or ten that areavailable and able to run on Chromebooksalready so in general I think if you arean average user I mean I know a lot ofmy audience are like they're heavygamers or just photo or video editors ifyou're one of those people then youprobably won't be able to use this aslike your only machine maybe it's like asecondary device but for most people youcan get by with a Chromebook the appstore selection is huge so yeah I thinkthat's just the state of Chromebooksright nowso I want to talk about the device inspecific now so this is the Asus c30 2and personally I think this is the bestChromebook right now it's expensive it's$500 and I guess let's talk about thethings that I do like about it first soit's got great build quality fullaluminum build everything is solidthere's no plastic on the deviceeverything from the hinge to the finishfeels good top to your device there islike you can see over here that itwasn't milled from a single block ofaluminum there's like two pieces thatthey put together but the build qualityon this thing is quite good there's touse BC ports and there's no use ba portsobviously not a huge selection of portsbut it's a Chromebook and you probablywon't be connecting to many devices tothis thing you also have your micro SDslot and then on the other side you haveyour volume rocker power button andaudio jack the screen is 24 hundred by13 40 it's reasonably bright and coloraccurate I'd say it's about average fora higher end laptop or Chromebook thereare better screens out there but I likethis one a lot performance is prettystrong strong enough I mean for what wewould do on a Chromebook I can easilyhave 10 chrome tabs open with SpotifyNetflix or twitch running in thebackground and it'll handle it with easethe 64 gigs of storage gills a littlelight especially if you're coming fromlaptop but you can easily add microSDcards if you want I will say though ifyou're interested in purchasingI would highly recommend getting theupgraded one like the one with the coreM processor I've used the Pentiumprocessor and it feels noticeably slowerit's not that much cheaper so I highlyrecommend getting the upgraded versionwith more storage and a faster processorok let's talk about the keyword this iswhy I've crowned this Asus as the bestChromebook it's backlit 1.

4 millimeterstravel perfect layout there's reallynothing I would change about thiskeyboard maybe like the springs could bea little bit stiffer but really it's agreat keyboard it feels a lot like theMacBook Air and for what I use aChromebook for and what I think is a lotof people will be using Chromebooks forthe typing experience has to be awesomeand this really nails it very fewChromebooks do and so there's anothercompetitor to this that I would considerto be like the second-best Chromebookout there which is the SamsungChromebook plus that the keyboard andthat is significantly worse than thisthat's why I prefer this the other thingthat I really liked about this likedevice as to why I think it's the bestit's the flip so a lot of devices whenyou flip it into tablet mode it's justnot a comfortable device this thing isrelatively light 2.

6 pounds but it'salso the ergonomics like when you holdthis thing it feels like an actualtablet and I think if you're going tohave a two-in-one device if your tabletmode your tent mode and your laptop modeare all really comfortable to use you'vedone a good job the trackpad is lessawesome surface feels good but it lacksperfect precision you'll get theoccasional jitter it is a decenttrackpad though the battery life isgreatit's a 39 watt hour battery you'llcomfortably hit eight or more hours onthis thing so I've been able to hiteight hours with screen at 215 it'skeyboard backlighting onI mean it's a Chromebook not pulling toomuch juice so it's going to last it alsouses USB C charging if you have otherUSB C devices that's a nice bonus thespeakers are also decent they'repositioned nicely you get a good stereoeffect and they're clear enough there'sno fan noise on this thing so audiocomes out pretty clean but it's a smallspeaker on a Chromebook so it's notgoing to be amazing there's a few thingsI don't love about this ChromebookI wish the screen was brighter 300 nitsis fine for indoor use but if you bringit outdoors it's not ideal the otherthing are the bezels so these bezels areI mean they're not cute or anything butwhen you have itadlet mode especially because you havethat Asus logo on the side it doesn'tlook like a particularly elegant screenI wish these dazzles are smaller butthat's about it there's really not mucha dislike about this Chromebook now it'snot cheap it's $500 which is actuallyquite expensive for a Chromebook but in2017 you're not going to get this kindof build quality unless you're payingthis kind of money so is it worth it Ithink it is especially consider theAndroid apps that are coming in if youcan make this fit into your workflow Ithink this is a really good device hopeyou guys enjoy this video thumbs beliked it subs if you loved it see youguys next time.