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Top 5 Cordless Circular Saws: Toolsday

hey what's up guys it's Kyle from our our buildings back with another toolsday and today we're gonna answer a question that I get all the time solet's get right into ithey what's up guys so we have today for you my circular saw top 5 and thesearen't like a reviewed top 5 these are just what I use everyday out on siteit's what me and the guys have come to call our standard saws after using a tonof saws okay so I literally have probably a dozen saws and these are theones that we actually use everyday the other ones they kind of sit around andthey are secondaries in case something breaks or if we just forgot a saw andneed something back at the shop so that's kind of Handy what I'm gonnastart with is probably my most favorite saw I've had this saw for quite a whilemaybe not just this saw I think I'm on like number 5 and maybe they've beendropped maybe they just stopped working for whatever reason but I just love itit's the Milwaukee six and a half blade left now you might be saying what's ablade left well blade left is when you're looking at the saw as you can seethe blade is on the left side of the tool I'm a huge fan of blade left I liketo cut with my right hand and I like to visually see where my blade is now thereare some blade right saws that work good for that and I will get into that laterbut this saw for me is my favorite and I'll tell you why first off because I'vealways been a Milwaukee fan second off it's a simple m18 battery and I knowthat that battery platform is gonna be around for a long time because Milwaukeehas committed to that m18 especially with the announcement of their new heavyduty line of the 1206 so high output batteries so I know it's gonna be aroundfor a long time and I'll be able to buy this saw second off it's fairlylightweight now it's only got a six and a half inch diameter blade but to methat doesn't really matter because for what I use this for mostly is cuttingtwo by six you can get through any to buy all the way up to a 45 degree bevelso that tells me like really it can be used for just about anything out on thejobsite it's got a decent rafter hook that letsme take it up into the building maybe wherever I'm climbing around and I knowit's gonna be safe and it's lightweight so that is why I use this saw almost 90%of the time that saw is about a hundred ninety-ninebucks Behr tool so it's you know comparable to about every other saw onthe market I take that back I think you can get it a lot cheaper I'll check thatout and put that down in the description below if you're interested now the nextsaw that I'm going to talk about is far from lightweight it's the DeWalt flexvolt rear handle seven and a quarter blade left so once again the reason Igravitate towards this saw is because it's blade left it has an even deepercut capacity so if I need to get through bigger material it's gonna allow me todo like let's say if I have to cut a laminated column that we're using on ourbuildings I can use this with two cuts one from both sides and get through whatI need to do so I do bring it out for that sort of process when we're makingup our columns on-site but what I also like about this saw is it's superpowerful like it is very powerful it can get through just about anything if youget those warped nasty two-bys that yeah you're trying to cut a rafter tail alongfor 12 pitch on this is gonna be the saw that's gonna work you do not want tocarry it around it's heavy and you're gonna get tired real quickly so usuallyI like to use this on the ground on a pile umber and I like to just always becutting down it's just let the weight of the tool do its job now you might besaying Kyle why don't you you like the makita rear handle I love the makitarear handle if I'm being honest I think it probably performs a little smootherjust something about the makita motors are super smooth but I don't have a tonof makita batteries and the flexible is one battery it's 160 volt battery versusthe makita you got to put two 18 volts to get that 36 volt power that to me isreally the only major downfall otherwise I think it's a great saw so either oneof those you guys might enjoy I'm just a Dewalt guy because I the battery likereally that's probably my only major reason now that Dewalt kit is about 350and that's gonna get you your battery your saw your charger so it's a littlebit pricier now most people are not going toneed or be required to use something that large or that powerful but for thepeople out there that are doing it for their everyday profession the rearhandle is awesome a lot of people say that the DeWalt doesn't last as long Igenuinely have not had an issue with battery performance but I don't sitthere and cut a whole house at one time so I put one battery in the day and I'mperfectly fine now the next song I want to talk about is a blade right saw andit's the makita this thing just came out so they sent me this and I've been usingit and I really love it for its speed like when you fire this thing up Iusually break this saw out for ripping and I'll tell you why I'm okay using ablade right for ripping because when I'm using this saw I like to run down theside of the like a sheet of plywood this thing will just like tear throughplywood like nobody's business it's very reminiscent to the makita Sidewinderthat you see on a ton of production framing sites so a guy that maybe hasbeen using that his whole life the corded version is really gonna love thissaw me personally I love my blade left for all my to buy cutting but when itcomes to plywood ripping or even if I have to rip down a 2 by 2 a certaindimension this saw usually gets pulled out once again it's got the twobatteries so you got to have two Makita batteries charged up but it's hard toexplain it's super smooth my visual is not like you know amazing because it'snot I'm not looking at the blade I've got to kind of look through here but itreally does work well and it's very comparable to the Flex volt seven and aquarter right blade I just would choose this over that because it feels verymuch more refined and smooth when you pull that trigger now we're gonna go tothe last framing saw that I really like to talk about and that's the new Makitasubcompact and the reason I love this like Makita if you're listening makethis saw like identical blade left and I swear you will sell like you will sell aton of them this saw is super lightweight I think it's like fivepounds or something like that with a two old battery I think they're claiminglike three hundred and fifty cuts on a 2o batteryin two-by-four material like it lasts forever it doesn't have the magnesiumbase it's got an aluminum base I do like magnesium for the durability and theweight but aluminum is great too there's a couple things I don't really likeabout this saw I just feel like a lot of the a lot of the tightening levers arejust loose all the time so it always feels like it's just not cheap but likeoh I didn't tighten that enough no it's tight it just has like a weird jiggle toit but I do like the dust extraction so you've got the dust extractor hook uphere if nothing else it just shoots it away from you a little bit better thanthat six and a half blade left and it has a really good visual like you cansee your blade so I'm still gonna be cutting with my right hand with this sawbut I can see a lot better so I usually keep this thing in my shop because I canhook it up to a dust extractor real easily and not get that dust blownaround my shop another feature about this that I like is it does have thatauto speed ramp up technology so when you need it it does draw more power toget you through your material a little bit easier you can put a rafter hook onthis thing too so that's a nice feature but it doesn't come with a rafter hookbut man I'm telling you when this thing you get this thing all like dialed downlook how tiny that is Makita did a great job with the battery placement and Ijust can't say enough good about this saw but if it was blade left I wouldprobably use it all the time now the last saw that I'm going to talk about isnot for cutting wood it's the circular saw that I used to cut through metal andmainly if you guys have followed along on the Instagram feed you know we do allof our buildings on concrete piers or concrete walls which require us to havea metal bracket that metal bracket sometimes has to get cut off whether itbe on a corner a jam column or whatever sometimes we cut them in half and youcould use a grinder but that is far less safe than using a circular saw and whenyou throw a Diablo steel demon blade on this Milwaukee saw it's like cuttingbutter it's amazing how well it cuts how clean it cuts and how coolcuts so that's what we use this for all the time and it's really sped up thatprocess and I think made it a lot safer nobody wants a flying disc to come hitthem in the face so there you go guys these are the five saws that I use on adaily basis you can look at them they've been used they've been abused andthey're not all the same color they've all been sent to me except forthe Milwaukee I bought that Milwaukee and I've been buying those Milwaukeesince I first used the Milwaukee fuel line I've got like four of them I saidbut even though these were sent to me I'm not required to tell you anythingabout them there's like a no strings attached they just want me to use themand lucky for these brands these are the ones that I have fallen in love with theguys like on site and these are the ones we use every day so I don't know if thishelped anybody out there but I wanted to you know kind of show you guys what Iuse because I get a lot of those questions like what's your favoritecircular saw and it all depends on the application and what you're doingbecause not one saw what I say I want for everything some of them are smallsome of them are big some of them are powerful some of them are nimble sothere's different features and you got to look at what you're going to be doingin order to determine the best saw for you now if you got any questions or youwant to get higher recommendation or more a little bit more in depth go aheaduse that comment section down below and I will do the best to answer all ofthose questions but that's it for today's Tuesday video it's great to beback with you guys and hopefully you go check out some of the other videos thatI've been doing I just started a new build series mancave that we're gonna bebuilding for our client and hopefully you guys enjoy that so appreciate allthe support and we'll catch you guys on the next episode of tools day probablynext Tuesday.