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How to Use the Avantco CU110 Coffee Urn

Thanks to the Avantco CU110, you'll always have fresh, hot coffee on hand for your customers.

This video will go over instructions and tips on how to properly use your Avantco CU110coffee urn.

The CU110 is easy to use and operate.

Follow these simple steps for easy brewing time after time!And remember to always follow basic safety measures when using electrical equipment.

Prior to first use, remove all packaging from the inside and outside of the coffee urn.

Fill the coffee urn with water, then boil and discard the water.

This clears the urn of any packaging residue.

Now you're ready to use your CU110 coffee urn!To begin, make sure you place the coffee machine on a flat, level surface.

Turn the lid counter-clockwise to open.

Now, pour in your water.

Make sure the water level is above the "MIN" indicator and below the "MAX" indicator.

Once you've poured the water, place the lid on top of the urn and turn it clockwise tolock into place.

It's now safe to plug in the urn.

To begin brewing your coffee, place the percolator tube and filter basket in the tank and pourthe desired amount of coffee grounds into the basket.

Make sure that the percolator tube is fitted properly inside the coffee urn before operation.

If you only want to boil hot water for beverages like tea, you don't need the percolator filteror basket.

To begin boiling the water, press the switch to ON.

The red "heating" light will turn on to indicate that the boiling process has begun.

The yellow "KEEP WARM" light will turn on once boiling is done to indicate that thecontents are being evenly heated to stay at the perfect serving temperature.

To dispense cups of coffee, simply tilt the faucet lever.

When you're done brewing, follow these easy steps for cleaning and maintenance.

We recommend using our Klearly Koffee liquid coffee pot cleaner.

First, unplug the unit and pour out any remaining water or coffee.

Allow the unit to cool.

After the urn has cooled, add hot water, brush the interior sides with a scouring pad andrinse the inside of the urn with hot water.

When the water exiting the faucet runs clear, you'll know the urn is clean.

Be sure to clean the filter unit and the lid with a non-abrasive detergent.

Dry both components with a soft, dry cloth.

The stainless steel interior and tube can be cleaned with detergent and a scouring pad.

To avoid residue build up, the urn's tap must also be cleaned regularly.

If necessary, use a de-scaling agent on the tap.

Clean the urn's faucet with a bottle brush.

Then, wash the tap with warm, soapy water and rinse.

Use a soft cloth to wipe the urn body dry.

Do not use benzene, thinners, or harsh abrasives for cleaning, as these will damage the exteriorfinish of the urn.

Remember to always clean the coffee urn right after each use.

Thanks to its easy operation and maintenance, the Avantco CU110 Coffee urn will make a greataddition to your food service establishment.

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