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Rank Product Name Score
1 First Place Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 Portable 2-channel controller for Serato DJ Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 Portable 2-channel controller for Serato DJ
By Pioneer DJ
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2 Pioneer DJ Controller (DDJ-400) Pioneer DJ Controller (DDJ-400)
By Pioneer DJ
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3 Best Value Pioneer DJ DDJ-RB Portable 2-channel Controller for rekordbox dj Pioneer DJ DDJ-RB Portable 2-channel Controller for rekordbox dj
By Pioneer DJ
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4 Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 Portable 2-channel controller for Serato DJ Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 Portable 2-channel controller for Serato DJ
By Pioneer DJ
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5 Numark Mixtrack Platinum DJ | 4-channel DJ Controller With 4-deck Layering and Hi-Res Numark Mixtrack Platinum DJ | 4-channel DJ Controller With 4-deck Layering and Hi-Res
By Numark
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6 Numark MixDeck Express | Premium DJ Controller with CD & USB Playback [Current Numark MixDeck Express | Premium DJ Controller with CD & USB Playback [Current
By Numark
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7 Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 DJ Controller Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 DJ Controller
By Pioneer DJ
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8 Pioneer DDJ-RB Portable 2-Channel Controller Bundle with Stand, Headphones, Polishing Cloth Pioneer DDJ-RB Portable 2-Channel Controller Bundle with Stand, Headphones, Polishing Cloth
By Pioneer
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9 Denon DJ MC4000 2-Channel Professional DJ Controller w/ Serato DJ Intro - NEW Denon DJ MC4000 2-Channel Professional DJ Controller w/ Serato DJ Intro - NEW
By Denon DJ
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10 Roland DJ-202 DJ Controller Roland DJ-202 DJ Controller
By Roland
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Reloop Mixon 4 Controller Review & Talkthrough

Hello it's Phil at digitaldjtips.

comlooking today at the Reloop Mixon 4controller.

Now this controller has gotquite a few uniques so let's startrunning through them.

The first thing isit works with the iPad Pro.

Now any iPadcompatible DJ controller will work withthe iPad Pro, but the thing about thisone is, you can actually slot the iPadPro into the built-in physical slot, soit's there in front of you and it fitsthe unit so you don't have to worryabout another stand, and it's the firstcontroller that does that.

Now it works with djay Pro software.

Algoriddim's djay Pro software, which runs onthe iPad Pro really nicely because djayPro is 4 channel and that brings me toanother unique feature of this: it's thefirst djay Pro compatible controller with4 full channels on it so you can controlthe full power of this program on iPadwhich is really good.

You don't have to use an iPad Pro, youcan use a normal iPad ,you can use aniPad Mini, you can even use a phone ifyou really want tothey will all work here, but obviously itworks best with the iPad Pro andactually, I find that with the iPad onthe unit and low down like that, most DJsprefer to have their display up,that's why you see DJs with controllersand a laptop on a stand rather thanon the table next them, because it savesthem to look down and kind of squint at it.

With an iPad Pro in a controller this sizeactually it's not too bad having theiPad down there in that slot, it worksbetter than any other controller likethis that I've used.

So that's the djay Pro withiPad bit, the other thing about thiscontroller or one of the other things thatstandout is just the sheer numberof things that it works with.

Soofficially it works with this softwareon iOS but also this software Mac OS , so youcan use the Mac version of djay Pro.

It also works with djay Pro on Android, nowthe lead I have plugged in here is alightning cable but there is a adapterfor the supplied USB lead which turnsinto an Android lead so you can usean Android tablet, a compatible Androidtablet with the same software on Android.

You can also use it with Serato DJsoftware on both Mac and PC, and it comeswith a Traktor mapping from the Reloopsiteas well you can use the Traktor and italso works with Virtual DJ.

So an awfullot of choice there for software andhardware platforms, that said, none of thesoftware comes with it so you're goingto have to buy the package or packagesyou want to use.

It has some prettyadvanced features as well, it works withthe Pitch Play function in Serato DJ.

Now Pitch Play is where you can take asample or a loop and you can play bymoving up and down a semitone a time onthe pads.

Now if you're interested in howthis works, our Denon DJ MCX-8000 reviewhas got a demonstration of that in it.

Suffice to say it does work, it's awesome,we've tested this unit with Serato DJ.

Serato DJ controllers all work prettymuch in the same way,this one's got all the functions you canimagine, it's fully featured for SeratoDJ so that means things like Slicer,Flipmode, and the aforementioned PitchPlay, which this is only the secondcontroller I think out there that usesPitch Play, after the MCX-8000I just mentioned.

So fully featured onSerato, everything works as you wouldexpect and we're using it with djay Prohere today because that's kind of itsmost standout software feature.

So that'skind of the software side of it.

Let's have a look at the actual unititself and talk through how the hardwareworks, so I'm going to talk you throughwhat we've got here.

So it is about thesize of something like the Pioneer DDJ-RXor SX or the Denon MC-7000 controller.

It's kind of like one of those big4-channel chunky controllers, it feelswell-built, it's got a nice metal top.

The buttons hereare quite hard,they're not the rubbery buttons.

With that said the massive RGB pads arerubberised and they're very nice, they're3x3 centimetres which are reallybig and they work really nicely.

Four fullchannels, it's got four filters and also avery nice function where you can turn onone of the effects units for the filtersand tie in effects to the filters, so asyou're turning the filter in eitherdirection you're also adding aneffective that sound.

That's quite a good function, it works withboth Serato and with djay, so that's agood addition to this controller, oneof its USPs.

But as I say four full channels,they've got 3-band EQ, almostkill, and the gain and everythingyou'd expect going on there.

You have Reloop's really good lowprofile jogwheels, Reloop have reallynailed jogwheels, I can't think of anycontroller they've ever made in recenthistory whose jogwheels haven't beenabsolutely perfect.

A really nicefunction is the loop button with thelights, so there's some lights on theloop function which tell you whetheryou're looping 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 bars.

32bars all the lights are on, and thenthere's a lights to indicate all the waydown to (beats rather, not bars),and then when you go below one beat, it showsyou the fraction of the beat byflashing the LEDs, so an instant glance youcan see what fraction or what multipleof beats you're going to be looping sothat's really nice.

So apart from that, the functions on hereare what you would expect on afully-featured software controller, butwe will just have a look through them.

So atthe top we have quite a smallpitch fader actually, it's 14-bit soReloop say, but it's just quite short I'dlike to have seen that a bit longer.

We have the full standard FX unitwith nice weighted controls, apart from thestep encoder at the end for your beats andyou can select by holding down shift andpressing the on or off buttons to selectthe effects for each area.

The usualslip mode, vinyl, nudge selectors forthe jogwheel here.

Sensor mode is a nicekey sync so you can sync the key ifyou're using Pitch and Play, sorryPitch n Time with Serato, which is aplug-in in Serato that lets you do that.

That's also needed for the Pitch Playfunction by the way and also SeratoFlip while we're just talking aboutadd-ons is also needed for this.

The good thing about both Serato DJ anddjay Pro nowadays is that they both havestreaming services: Serato DJ has a Pulselockerand djay Pro has Spotifybuilt-in, but again you need toupgrade in order to use those, you needto pay a subscription.

I've got diverted a bit here we weretalking about the hardware let's getback to it.

So I've told you about the autoloop function.

Big play/pause cue syncbuttons here which again as I've said arequite hard but they work nicely.

You've got the full functionedpads, so Hot Cue, Cue, Loop, Loop Roll, Save Loop, Sampler, Pitch PlaySlicer, Slicer LoopVelocity, Sampler it's all there.

Big buttons for changing decks, a really loose crossfader anda nice bit of weight onthe upfaders there as well.

So aroundthe back of the unit is where we seewhat I think is one of the limitationsof this unit.

So down here we have ourXLRs and our RCA outputs, all good here.

We have a TRS booth output all good there.

There's a Kensington lock here, flippingaround to the other side,this is where we have our power inputwith a nice little loop there so you canstop it being pulled out accidentally as Irun off and there's our USB.

But you'll havenoticed absolutely no extra inputs, thisis purely a software controller.

Nowaround the front of the unit, there is amicrophone input but that's it.

So you canplug a microphone in, it'll go straight tothe output there's a little volumecontrol there for it, but there is not even anauxiliary input and I think that's anomission on a controller of thisstandard.

There should be at least theability to plug you know your phone inor something to get auxiliary in thereshould there be a problem with the system,should your iPad or your Macbookor your PC go down, you know it's alwaysnice to have something wired in so youcan just quickly hit play and reboot.

Sothat isn't here and that's surprising,I would've thought that they would have putsomething like that on here.

So apartfrom that we're looking at everything youwould expect on a controller like this.

You can assign each of the channels tothe left, right or THRU on thecrossfader, there's a crossfader curve.

You've got all the library functionsyou'd expect, including the windowcontrol functions and the ability tonavigate between the file folder treeand the files themselves in eachindividual folder.

Prepare window and allthat kind of stuff is there.

Individual VU meters for each channel soyou can set your gains separate from theoutput VU so again that's all the kindof thing you'd expect on a controllerlike this.

For me, if you're after a4-channel professional djay Procontroller the works with your iPad, thisis it, this is the only one that's outthere, it's awesome.

Same if you want to use djayPro concurrently with that on your Mac,really good.

You know it also works forAndroid, this lovely Android tabletsat there that's similar to thisnowadays again, is fantastic it'sthe first really professional 4-channelcontroller for that kind ofplatform.

If you wantany kind of hardware mixing at all, evenan auxiliary, this isn't the controller for youbecause it just isn't there.

But that caveat aside, it is one-of-a-kindand it is the Mixon 4 from Reloop.

As I say I've written up the full reviewover there on Digital DJ Tips so go takea look at that.

If you found this useful,please subscribe to the channel and alsoyou can join Digital DJ Tips, all thelinks are below and around me, so do thatand I'll see you again very soon.