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1 First Place Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 5570 Wet & Dry, S5572/90, with Turbo+ mode Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 5570 Wet & Dry, S5572/90, with Turbo+ mode
By Philips Norelco
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2 Phisco Electric Shaver Razor for Men 2 in 1 Beard Trimmer Wet Dry Phisco Electric Shaver Razor for Men 2 in 1 Beard Trimmer Wet Dry
By Phisco
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3 Best Value SURKER Shaver Razor Electric Men Cordless Beard Trimmer Wet Dry Rotary Shaver Head SURKER Shaver Razor Electric Men Cordless Beard Trimmer Wet Dry Rotary Shaver Head
By Surker
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4 Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 3100, S3310/81 with comfort cut blade system Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 3100, S3310/81 with comfort cut blade system
By Norelco
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5 Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Men's Electric Razor, 4-Blade Cordless with Wet/Dry Shaver Convenience Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Men's Electric Razor, 4-Blade Cordless with Wet/Dry Shaver Convenience
By Panasonic
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6 Series 3 ProSkin 3040s Wet&Dry Electric Shaver for Men / Rechargeable Electric Razor Series 3 ProSkin 3040s Wet&Dry Electric Shaver for Men / Rechargeable Electric Razor
By Braun
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7 SweetLF 3D Rechargeable 100% Waterproof IPX7 Electric Shaver Wet & Dry Rotary Shavers SweetLF 3D Rechargeable 100% Waterproof IPX7 Electric Shaver Wet & Dry Rotary Shavers
By SweetLF
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8 Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 (Model AT830/46) Frustration Free Packaging Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 (Model AT830/46) Frustration Free Packaging
By Philips Norelco
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9 Philips Norelco New series Electric Shaver AT810/81 AquaTech Philips Norelco New series Electric Shaver AT810/81 AquaTech
By Philips
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10 Panasonic ES8243A Mens 4 Blade Foil Shaver Panasonic ES8243A Mens 4 Blade Foil Shaver
By Panasonic
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Best Barber Foil Shaver 2018

Hey everyone Joseph from Rum Barber here and today we're going to be doing afollow-on video from last week's best cordless Clippers of 2018 video, whichitself was a follow-on from the previous best cordless trimmers video.

Today we'regoing to be talking about the best foil shavers of 2018.

And so we can give youthe most thorough review possible we have done a range of foils this yearstarting from the incredibly high value Braun Series 9, working our way down tothe brand new Babyliss Pro, and you've got the Wahl 5 star finale, the AndisFoil and finally the Kemeis.

So, we'll start at the high end of the range andthat would be the Braun series 9.

Now you would obviously think that the higherthe price you're going to be automatically saying these are the best ones.

Now Braun don't make professional barber products they make personal products forpersonal use at home and this is a very good, very powerful foil that a lot ofBarbers have taken to using recently but you can still see in the design of itthat it is for personal use I'm talking mainly about having this little trimmeron the back here for doing your own personal line ups.

Placement wise on thefoil not really in a place where people would want to use it because you'reusing it holding it like this and quite often when I've been using it throughoutthe day that can pop up right there and depending on where you are in thehaircut that can be pretty dangerous for what you're foiling.

Now they've probablybecome so popular with Barbers because of how powerful the foils are and Igot to say they are very powerful and they do get nice and close to the skinyou've got this little lift and pull blade that's inside there as well,for lifting and pulling hair particularly when you're coming around and neck trimsunderneath there proves quite handy it does take it close is a powerful foil.

And while it does bald out quite nicely and it doesn't leave a particularlystrong foil line.

The design of it being a personal use the head rotates quite alot now you can lock it but it's not 100% stuck in place and I personally andother people in the shop have found that a bit troublesome when you're doingsomething like balding out doing a fade, because you're not really getting a setangle on it it's hard to kind of get flick motion in to get rid of that lineand it's a nice enough line it's not particularly strong but it is there andthe Aeronautics of these things make it a little bit difficult to truly get thatchipped off.

But on the plus side they're waterproof and that means that you cantake that off and rinse it under water to get rid of all those little bits ofhair that you can sometimes struggle to get rid of on other foils, which isreally, really handy.

And the foils themselves are titanium which makes themreally, really tough in comparison to other ones I've used.

But you also get a50 minute runtime from a one hour charge which is comparable to a lot of of theother foils that we'll be talking about but no great shakes for the £300or whatever these cost.

And on that note they are great foils but I I still don'tfeel like they're worth the money, I feel like now having used them an awful lotmore than maybe I did in the previous review of these I appreciate them morethey're a fine tool, but even after all this time and appreciating them more andthinking they're much better than I initially did I still wouldn't pay thatmuch money for them.

And next foils we're going to talk about are the Andis foils,now these are the first set of foils that I owned.

You can see a very worn downsticker on the back of that, had these because when you start out you getfirst set of foils and these are the ones you see everyone using so that'swhy I got them.

If we hadn't started reviewing foils I doubt I would havepicked up another set the overall performance on these has been greatyou're not replacing the blades or the foils themselves too often.

They've been they've been working just fine I've not felt a particulardecrease in power over the years I've been using them.

I still find myselfcoming back to them every now and then I've got no real problem with the foil.

They've got a rotary motor in there as well which makes them quite powerful youget up to 9000 strokes per minute and yes I did just say 'strokes' and the bestthing about the design of them is where the button is, the button is right thereat the front and it's got grip and it's the way you would hold them and it justgoes like that, and if you're holding them around here it's easy enough thereas well.

You've got a nice solid design for them.

Doesn't matter how much productyou've got your hand or how many slippy stickers you put on the other side of ityou're always getting them on, they never feel like they're going to come out, there'snever any problem with that.

And finally the hypoallergenic foilsthemselves great obviously because of hygiene but also they're quite soft andnot particularly hard on people and even though they are still quite secure andthey're quite solidly built don't really have any problems with that either.

Ithink I've replaced blade, I mean you're recommended to replace the blades everysix months and I may not stick to that but I certainly haven't replaced them everysix months, maybe once a year or something like that.

So all in all I'm really fond of these and it's easy to see why with the performance onthem, they're pretty much a staple in every Barber shop.

Now, the first set offoils I got after these was, I went on to the Wahl five-star finales.

And like Isaid I had no real problem with the Andis, I was been quite happy using thembut I'm a big fan of Wahl products, I wanted to see what they had to offer.

Now,it's got a rotary motor as well so in that sense it's quite comparable withthe Andis, it seems to be the thing that they've brought out to compete withAndis in the foil market.

And the foils themselves up there, an awful lot harderthan the Andis foils and I have found myself replacing the head on theseprobably no joke at least six or seven times since I've had them.

I've had them maybe a year and a half two years tops fact maybe ran aboutthere and I've replaced a head on them seven times, not because they get dull,not because I'm being finicky about it but because it breaks, it breaks really,really easily.

Even if you don't drop it you start getting little chunks poppingout of the foil there and it's like 20-25 quit a replacement on that I meanI could have bought another two sets of these with the money I've spent onreplacement heads for them.

But on the plus side like the Andis foils aswell you've got a nice solid grippy button at the front there that can beused either way.

And they've got 90 minute runtime on them as well so againyou're barely charging them at all.

Now, also as well in comparison to theAndis foils, these ones were a wee bit more than the Andis foils so,price-wise a little bit more expensive and we decided that we would go rightdown to the budget end of the foils ,and review these Kemei foils.

Now, we gotthese into review because we had some Kemei Magic Clips that they were sellingfor about quarter of the price of a set of Wahl Magic Clips, and then when thesecame out they look very, very similar but not entirely similar to the Wahl finalefive stars.

So we thought we'd get a set in and try them out, $12.

99 wasn't expectingan awful lot but surprisingly good foils if you're talking about value for money,you need a quick replacement set, these will do you.

Sure the engines not aspowerful so you maybe have to go over things a little bit more often and likethe Braun foils, they've also got this a little annoying bit at the back forlineups that can sometimes come out and potentially do you mischief when you'redoing a haircut, but I mean for $12.

99 you're picking flaws in it apart fromthe one thing which is kind of funny that the Box said gold hypoallergenicfoils on it, and these are clearly not gold so Iwould doubt very much that they're even hypoallergenic.

But you can save beingthat nitpicky for when you're spending like a gazillion pounds and a set offoils.

For your first foils, for a backup set to have lying around in case yourother ones fritz out on you, for $12.

99 you can't really argue with these.

Andfinally we'll get to the new release this year the Babyliss Pro foils.

Now, weonly had these in a couple weeks ago, we did an unboxing video for them andwe gave you some initial thoughts on them but now it's been a couple weeks, sowe can give you a little bit more in-depth on the performance of thesefoils.

Now, when we first got them in we didn't have a huge amount of informationon them but since then we found out that they actually start from a 3 hourruntime which as a runtime pretty much dwarfs every other set of foils in thecompetition.

Like the rest of the foils that we've been talking about they'vegot the rotary mower and the hypoallergenic foils.

But that's wherethe similarities end really because I've been so blown away with the performanceof these foils they are so powerful, they don't even leave a bald line it justsmooths right out.

It takes it closer than any other set of foils everything Idid with these I ran the Braun series 9 over just to see if it was going to pick upany extra didn't pick up a thing, and yet when I used the Braun series 9 on peoplefirst and then ran these over afterwards I was picking up hair that's how closethese get, that's how powerful these things are.

And considering is a third ofthe retail price of the Braun and probably comparable with your Wahlfinales I mean that's nothing to be sniffed at all, I really, really likethese foils.

There have been some people I've looked at a few reviews and acouple people in the shop up don't like a little bit of the design on them.

Theyfind that button they're in an awkward place for the power button.

There's alsonot an awful lot of grip on here, so you might feel like it's you haven't got asolid handle on them.

I personally haven't foundthat and I think that's mainly because of the weight of them, they are an awfullot heavier than every other set of foils we have there and I feel like maybe I'mjust gripping onto them a little bit tighter because of how heavier, how muchheavier they are.

The button doesn't bother me I don't mind it being in placethere, and I've not found myself clipping that button off to remove them and whichis another thing I'd heard and read about these but to me that hasn't been aproblem, so personally I'm fine with it and everybody else can just grow up andgo over it.

And so if I hadn't made that any more abundantly clear than I havealready I'm going to have to give these Babyliss Profoils, the best foils of 2018, I mean you could almost say that they're thedefault best foils because they're the only ones that came out this year out ofeverything we've talked about but performance wise blows the rest of themout of the water price-wise it's sitting there right in the middle, so for overallvalue for money you can't really argue with the best performance at the mediumprice, that's insane.

And they look great as well my I said this before in theprevious reviews I've been a big fan of Babyliss in the last wee while andpart of that has been like the look of everything I really like all thestainless-steel stuff they're bringing out the nice chrome finish.

Ok, anotherslight thing maybe this is going to need constantly clean because it's got yourthumb marks and products and everything but who cares man, you should, if you'rebusy your stuff should be dirty anyway they are just solidly outperformingevery other set of foils in the shop.

I have no problem saying these are thebest ones here.

Now normally this is where I would invite you into thecomment section to say 'hey tell me what you think' but you'll be wrong, if youthink these are better than whatever is you're going to tell me, you're wrong, go getyourself a set try them out then come back and tell me how wrong you werecause you will.

I'm only kidding, if you want to talk about any of these other foils hereif you've got any other questions or anything else you want to know justleave us a comment in the section below.

So, as always thanks very much forwatching everybody, thanks very much for liking, thanks very much for sharing andwe'll see you next time.