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Are you looking for the best Smartphone Camera Lenses? Let’s go ahead and have a look at our top 10 best Smartphone Camera Lenses in Jun 2019.

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Rank Product Name Score
1 First Place AUKEY Ora iPhone Camera Lens, 0.45x 120° Wide Angle + 15x Macro Clip-on AUKEY Ora iPhone Camera Lens, 0.45x 120° Wide Angle + 15x Macro Clip-on
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2 Smartphone Camera Lens Kit-10 in 1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit Wide Angle Smartphone Camera Lens Kit-10 in 1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit Wide Angle
By Tarane
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3 Best Value Camkix Universal 3 in 1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit - Fish Eye Camkix Universal 3 in 1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit - Fish Eye
By CamKix
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4 WolfTamir 18X Smartphone Camera Lens- Phone Camera Lens - Perfect for Capturing Distance WolfTamir 18X Smartphone Camera Lens- Phone Camera Lens - Perfect for Capturing Distance
By Wolf Tamir
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5 Cell Phone Camera Lens with Tripod+ Shutter Remote, Godefa 6 in 1 18x Cell Phone Camera Lens with Tripod+ Shutter Remote, Godefa 6 in 1 18x
By Godefa
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6 Phone Camera Lens Kit, 9 in 1 Zoom Universal Telephoto Lens+198° Fisheye lens Phone Camera Lens Kit, 9 in 1 Zoom Universal Telephoto Lens+198° Fisheye lens
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7 Phone Camera Lens Kit, 5 in 1 Cell Phone Lens - 12X Zoom Phone Camera Lens Kit, 5 in 1 Cell Phone Lens - 12X Zoom
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8 Apexel Phone Camera Lens-Macro Lens+Wide Lens+Fisheye Lens+Telephoto Lens+CPL/Flow/Radial/Star Filter+Kaleidoscope 3/6 Lens 10 in Apexel Phone Camera Lens-Macro Lens+Wide Lens+Fisheye Lens+Telephoto Lens+CPL/Flow/Radial/Star Filter+Kaleidoscope 3/6 Lens 10 in
By Apexel
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9 VicTsing 3 in 1 Fisheye Camera Lens, Macro Lens+0.65X Wide Angle Lens(Connected Together) VicTsing 3 in 1 Fisheye Camera Lens, Macro Lens+0.65X Wide Angle Lens(Connected Together)
By VicTsing
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10 Apexel 10 in 1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit Wide Angle Lens Apexel 10 in 1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit Wide Angle Lens
By Apexel
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Sandmarc vs Moment: All Lenses Compared! The Best Smartphone Lenses are...

- Eight lenses, two cases, one mobile phone,absolutely no Canon 1DX Mark II,it's time for a road trip.

(epic music)Except for the drone footage at the end,that whole intro was filmed on nothing but the iPhone XS.

Sandmarc lenses, Moment lenses, stock camera app,pretty remarkable what you can dowith the iPhone and some good glass.

This is it y'all.

The ultimate showdown betweenthe two biggest brands in mobile lenses.

We're wasting no time.

We're looking at cases, accessories,and of course the lenses themselves.

It's game time.

From square one, the casesfor both Moment and Sandmarc giveus the first big difference between the two.

Sandmarc as of right now is offered exclusivelyfor iPhone, where Moment also has offeringsfor OnePlus, Pixel, and Galaxy.

So if you're not in that Apple ecosystem,you're probably going to go Moment.

Now case versus case.

Sandmarc's going with moreof an iPhone exoskeleton, I'd call it, than a case.

Its primary purpose is to mount the lenseswhile providing some minimal protection on the corners,where Moment is adding significant protectionas well as battery life through protective,beautiful, and even battery cases.

Big statement, but Moment's rubberizedand leather photocase, may be my favorite caseI've ever owned.

For real.

In the case battle, I'm giving the win to Moment.

Now how the lens mounts to the caseis of course equally as important,and both take very different approacheswith Moment utilizing a fiberglass reinforce mountthat requires a 90 degree turnof the lens to secure it,and Sandmarc using a metal threaded connection.

With Moment's mount, there's an indicatorof how to put the lens onit makes it really fast, really convenient.

You can nail it on the first take, where as Sandmarc,that threaded connection you do run the riskof cross-threading it, so you need tobe a little bit more careful, and it does take some time.

There's something about that metal threaded connectionthat just feels really solid,like it's not gonna break,like your lens isn't going anywhere.

Now it's hard to place one really above the other.

I mean, they're both chosen with purpose.

The Moment's system is interchangeably very fast.

The Sandmarc takes a little bit longer,but it feels more robust, it feels more solid,it feels a little bit less fragile.

So when you look at this in conjunction with the case,the Moment's system convenience is undeniable.

You're likely putting a lens on a casethat's going to be on your phone all the time.

Any lens that you buy from Sandmarc comeswith a complimentary case, so if you buy the Pro Editionwhich comes with all four of the lenses we're talking today,you're legit getting four cases.

Seems a little bit over the top, right?Well, all those extra cases now are going straightto my family members so that when we go on trips together,we can all use them simultaneously.

With Moment, you will need to buy a case,but they have a bunch of different options.

They're all beautiful,and for $30 you're getting a well-built,convenient, beautiful iPhone case.

Personally, I prefer Moment's case.

The convenience of Moment's mounting system,but the robustness and the securityof Sandmarc's mounting system.

Now, the accessory battle.

What all comes with each company's lenses?All lenses for both do come with lens covers,but Sandmarc also includes coverage for the mounting sideof the lens which, I'll be honest, are pretty easy to lose,but really take wholistic lens protection up a level,and I love the fact that they include these.

Sandmarc takes the W on lens protection.

Now while the microfiber bagsfor each lens may seem like a small minute detail,Moment goes the extra distanceto label each bag appropriately basedon the lens that's in it.

This is a huge convenience win for Moment,especially when you're scrounging aroundthrough your bag trying to find a lens,Moment wins in this category.

Above and beyond all this,Sandmarc also includes lens clipsif you don't prefer to use the case,as well as microfiber cloths.

I personally am never going to use the clip,but it's awesome to have this excess of microfiber cloths.

You can never have too many.

For additional accessories, for added versatility,Sandmarc takes the W.

Whoooo!Alright, here we go, the main event!The Logan verses KSI, the wide angle lens shootout.

This lens is where most people will likely landwith either brand as the most versatile,and frankly my favorite of the bunch.

Both lenses are built like tanks, metal body,recessed glass to help protect themwith a slight aesthetic boost with those curveson the Moment lens.

That said, even if it is a little bit prettier,results are what matter most.

First off, somebody's not being honest here.

Moment is consistently giving a wider field of view,yet as an 18MM versus Sandmarc's 16MM,not quite sure what's going on there.

Anyways, right off the bat, I am seeing incredible sharpnessfrom both lenses in the centerwith maybe a very slight advantage to Moment.

I'm not really seeing any signs of vignettingin either lens, so that's encouraging.

Where we do see deviations is at the edges.

About 90% of Sandmarc's photos are sharpwhere Moment remains sharp for about 75% of the photowith softening at the edges,and some slight distortion.

You can see that in the windows here.

Sandmarc's remaining quite a bit sharper.

In the leaves on the other sideof the photo, again, it's the same story.

Punching it as well looking for chromatic aberration.

We're getting slightly more with Sandmarc,and we can really see that here on the edge of the building.

Here's another shot and it echos the same story.

Moment again is slightly wider.

We see more detail in the windowsof the buildings at the edges on Sandmarc,and similar chromatic aberration between both.

The slightly cleaner, sharper image coming outof the Sandmarc is going to give it the W.

I'm choosing Sandmarc over Momentin the wide angle category.

Big win for Sandmarc.

It's time for the fisheye battle.

Similar to the wide angle lenses,the build quality continues to be strong for bothwith a little bit more glass protrusionand a larger diameter on the Sandmarc.

Now, here's where things get really interesting.

No questions asked, Moment's fisheye is sharper everywhere.

Looking here in the center,the wood just has so much more detail.

You can actually see all of the grain in the wood.

The edges, far less softening.

It's not even close, I mean just lookat the Ferris Wheel in the city.

I'd say 20% of the photo in on either sideof Sandmarc photos are quite soft.

Looking here at another photo,again, it's the same story.

Moment is sharper across the boardwith Sandmarc's softening and distortinga little bit more at the edges.

Both have a fair amount of chromatic aberration,but it is a little bit more exaggerated in the Sandmarc.

The front of the boat, it makes it pretty clear.

We've got red and blue in droveswith a more subtle blue aberration on the Moment lens.

And again with the softness looking at the nameof the boat, it's far sharper on the Moment lens.

No contest.

Moment is winning for sharpness on the fisheye lens.

But!Oh-oh-oh, but!On the flip side, Moment's fisheye isn't 100% compatiblewith the iPhone XS's sensor, failing to give full coveragewhere Sandmarc does a beautiful jobwith little vignetting, and perfect coverage.

While their images are definitely softer,they don't require any cropping.

If I were a betting man, I would wagerthat the vast majority of people are goingto be using these lenses for social media posting,so you're not going to want to haveto crop in every single time you take a photo.

Remember too though, if you're shooting videoin 4k, the crop factor will correct thison the Moment lens, so if you're more into video,this is something to keep in mind.

This is not going to be an issue anymorewith the Moment fisheye lens.

For this one, you're gonna need to be the judgeof what works best for your work flow.

A sharper lens that requires cropping every time,or a softer lens, but has perfect coverage?Comment below.

I would genuinely love to hearwhich one you would prefer.

Oh boy, here we go.

The 60MM telephoto lens shootout.

So, against my better judgment,I bought the 60MM Moment lens versus the 58.

Mainly because it was a whole lot cheaper,and it was actually available.

I know, I know.

I can already hear the echos of the future rebukesdown in my comment section.

How dare you sir, Moment has a brand new 58MM.

You're not taking that into account.

Down vote, unsubscribe!Hey, it is all good.

I am on the reserve list with Momentto get the 58MM here hopefullyin the next few days when that comes in I will doa side by side review versus the 60MMfrom Sandmarc.

Stick with me, I promise it's coming.

Quick side note first before we go on comparing bothof these telephoto lenses, all photos and videos shot acrossthis entire test were shot using Apple's stock camera app.

Moment has their own app which I do lovewith the main benefits being flat and LOG picture profiles,a histogram, and resolution aroundan Apple camera feature/issue whereit'll internally determine which sensor it's goingto use when you decide to 2x zoom.

See, on the iPhone XS, the wide angle lenshas an F/1.

8 aperture while the telephotohas an F/2.


Meaning the wide angle's going to be ableto capture more light, making it the better lensto use in low light.

It's also just a little bit sharper,so through Apple's algorithms,it's going to determine whether or notit uses the wide angle or the telephoto dependingon the lighting conditions.

In the end this really messes things up when you wantto put in a external telephoto lenson the telephoto on your iPhone.

If you play around adding a telephoto lensfrom either Moment or Sandmarc,you'll see it just doesn't work.

Things completely break down.

This issue did surface for me in droves,so if you're planning to put on a external telephoto lens,if that's what you wanna shot on mostto get that 4x zoom, light room, ProCam, Moment's app,they all allow you to hard-switch between which lensit uses, which resolves this issue.

Now, still a relevant question,is the Moment 60 millimeter lens usable?I mean it is a whole bunch cheaper.

Frankly, the answer's no.

The vignetting, it's simply over the top.

It makes shooting on the wide angle lenspretty much impossible.

I mean, just look at these side by sides versus Sandmarc.

Not usable.

Now Moment has seemed to addressthis with the new, re-designed 58MM.

An Engadget shows off the massive differencebetween the two both in vignetting and in sharpness.

I'm excited to verify this for myself, so stay tuned.

Video coming in the next couple weeks.

On the flip side, what is Sandmarc's story here?Photos are crazy sharp in the centerwith some softening and some distortionas you move towards the very edges.

I'd say the last 20% of the imageon each side sees a gradient of softeningwhich is exaggerated in the corners.

It will actually pull a small natural depthof field, but it will not give you anythinglike what you get on a DSLR, so do not expect thisto give you the depth of fieldof something like a 50MM on a DSLR.

Chromatic aberration, it's rearingit's ugly head in this tree shot.

The branches and the leaves are just getting blasted by it.

Now if you plan to crop landscape photosto a vertical 5:4 for Instagram,you'll get all that sharp goodness from the middleof the photo, and this lens willbe a portrait beast for you.

The final showdown, macro versus macro.

Let the battle commence.

These lenses, they might as well be twins.

The size, the build, they are so similar.

The texts on the front of the Momentis the dead give away as to which is which,but size wise, they're near identical.

The diffuser mounting points are actuallyso similar in size that you can throw the diffuserfrom the Moment on the Sandmarc and vise versa.

Pretty interesting.

That said, Moment's diffuser is slightly more opaqueand is a larger diameter.

I don't often find myself using a diffuser,but if you are going to use it particularlyon the Sandmarc, you're going to see the edgesof it in your photos more than you will on the Moment.

Now what's really the big difference between the two?I've found that the minimum and maximum focus distance,that's what really sets these two lenses apartfrom each other.

Both have roughly the same minimum focus distance,yet the Sandmarc's maximum's focus distanceis much further back giving more flexibilityin how close you need to be to the subject.

Pro-tip, definitely think about using burst photosto up your chances of nailing focuson one of the shots when shooting on either lens.

The auto focus on both, just isn't all that fast.

Oh boy.

Sharpness differences are so, so small if any.

It's a toss up here really.

They both are very sharp.

I mean, look at the individual strands here.

They both look pretty stunning.

Moment does have some vignetting in the corners though,which I thought I saw in these plant shots,and was able to verify when shootingon an out of focus subject.

It's kind of artistic though honestly.

It looks kinda nice,but I would much rather add the vignettein post production in something like light roomso I am gonna ding the Moment lensjust a little bit for this.

There may be slightly more chromatic aberrationwith the Moment, but it's at such a high magnification,I mean, especially shooting on a phoneand likely posting to social media,I'm gonna call it negligible.

Between the lack of vignetting and the larger focus range,I'm giving the win here to Sandmarc.

Now that is it for all of the lenses,so if you're going out and buying a set today,which one should you go buy?If you're planning to rock all four lenses,the bundle Sandmarc offers gets a heck of a price reduction,especially with the performance of these lenses,I'm calling this the overall better dealgiving Sandmarc the final edge over Moment.

It's a more giftable product at that lower pricemaking it an awesome option especiallyas we look towards the Holiday season.

Now you may be asking yourself what about Moment'sanamorphic lens, we haven't talked about that at all,and yes, we do need to take that into considerationespecially when you put that in conjunctionwith the 4k crop that you're goingto see on their fisheye, which gets ridof all that vignetting on it,as well as Moment's app, which gives you flatand LOG picture profiles, as well as a histogram.

It really makes the Moment ecosystem greatfor videographers, and takes a little bitof a lead over Sandmarc in terms of video production.

That said, if you're looking just to use these lensesfor photo, Sandmarc is the overall better value.

As a final note and full discloser,yes, I reached out to both companiesto send these lenses over for a review.

Sandmarc sent their Pro Edition over.

They sent over all these lenseswhere as Moment I had to buy the whole setup.

That said, the results I think speak louder than my wordsand hopefully rule out any potential bias there.

Genuinely, I don't care which one you buy.

They both are fantastic.

They both have their pros and cons.

I just want you to make the best decision basedon the types of features that work for you.

Whooo!That video was a beast to make.

I really hope you found this helpful.

I hope it'll help you make a more informed decision.

If it did, leave a comment below, give me a big thumbs up,hit that subscribe button, and I will catch youin the telephoto shootout.

(energetic music).