Top 10 Best Wall Safes - Jun 2019

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Are you looking for the best Wall Safes? Let’s go ahead and have a look at our top 10 best Wall Safes in Jun 2019.

We have scanned 2,390 reviews and come down with top 10 best Wall Safes from Home, Garden & Tools products.

Here are our top 10 best Wall Safes in 2019 reviews. Take a look at our recommended items and learn more about the features of each to help you select the item to buy.

Rank Product Name Score
1 First Place Mesa Safe Company Model MAWS2113E Electronic Wall Safe, Cream Mesa Safe Company Model MAWS2113E Electronic Wall Safe, Cream
By Mesa Safe
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2 SONGMICS 6 LEDs Jewelry Cabinet Lockable Wall Door Mounted Jewelry Armoire Organizer SONGMICS 6 LEDs Jewelry Cabinet Lockable Wall Door Mounted Jewelry Armoire Organizer
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3 Best Value Professional Grade Products WS1 Wall Safe, Hidden as Air Vent in Plain Sight Professional Grade Products WS1 Wall Safe, Hidden as Air Vent in Plain Sight
By Professional Grade Products
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4 Sportsman Series WLSFB Wall Safe with Electronic LOCK, Beige Sportsman Series WLSFB Wall Safe with Electronic LOCK, Beige
By Sportsman Series
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5 Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock and Safe, .83 CF Hidden In Wall Large Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock and Safe, .83 CF Hidden In Wall Large
By Paragon Lock and Safe
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6 AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe - 1.24 Cubic Feet AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe - 1.24 Cubic Feet
By AmazonBasics
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7 Yescom 0.8CF Keyless Recessed Flat Electronic Wall Hidden Safe Cabinet Security Box Jewelry Yescom 0.8CF Keyless Recessed Flat Electronic Wall Hidden Safe Cabinet Security Box Jewelry
By Yescom
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8 Paragon 7700 Flat Electronic Hidden Wall Safe .83CF for Large Jewelry or Small Paragon 7700 Flat Electronic Hidden Wall Safe .83CF for Large Jewelry or Small
By Paragon Lock and Safe
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9 BARSKA AX12038 Biometric Wall Safe BARSKA AX12038 Biometric Wall Safe
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10 Paragon 7725 Flat Superior Electronic Hidden Wall Safe .83 CF for Jewelry or Paragon 7725 Flat Superior Electronic Hidden Wall Safe .83 CF for Jewelry or
By Paragon Lock and Safe
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14 HIDING HACKS That Will Fool Even The Smartest Thief!

14 Epic Hiding HACKS That Will Fool Even The Smartest Thief14.

False Stair Tread- Harry Potter has taught us that there’s a lot of empty space beneatha staircase.

In fact, his whole room underneath it!So why not using it to store your valuables?If you have a two story house, then this is the perfect hiding spot for your things.

Youcan do this by removing a stair tread and cut a hole into the landing or hollow outan entire step.

You can also add in dividers to section off your belongings too.

The best part is it’s so discreet nobody will ever know that it’s there.

Another creative hack is to make a stair drawer.

Instead of hollowing it out on the top, you can cut out the bottom instead and make adrawer!It is easy to open and just as hidden as a fake stair tread!13.

Air Vent Secret Stash- Even though it’s in plain sight, it still does a fantasticjob at keeping your belongings safe.

Air vents are so common so an air vent styled safe would blend well in any office, whetherit’s at home or the office.

Instead of cutting out an actual vent in your home, you can purchase this product for lessthan $100 to keep everything you own in one space.

The vent-safe comes with a faceplate that resembles a standard vent that you would findon any HVAC system.

The concept is pretty basic as well.

Inside is a steel box that can fit inside of a wall.

It also comes with a white grilled to cover up your stuff and there are also optionalmagnets for a smooth release.

Even though it’s not the largest space, it does a good job of concealing the rightamount of products like jewelry, money and even a handgun.


Hollowed Out Bookcase- It’s the oldest trick in the book, but it really does work!How many thieves would be willing to spend their time rummaging through books to findany hidden valuables?Most likely intruders will just see what’s visible and grab whatever they can, so a hiddenbookcase is a perfect place to hide your stuff.

While a hollowed book works just as well, it doesn’t leave much room to store yourbelongings.

Instead, attach several books using a glue gun to a plywood box attached to the back.

If the sides of the books are visible, you can fold back the covers of the books on theright and left sides of the assembly before cutting it up.

Now the trick is to make sure the bookcase blends in normally on your shelves with otherbooks, best to keep it on a high shelf or flat shelf and away from a person’s eyelevel.


Hidden Outlet Safe- For only $9.

99, this hidden fake wall outlet is sold on Amazon and makesthe perfect cover up to store your valuables and other small goods.

Not only does it look exactly like a wall outlet but it’s easy to assemble too.

Even though it might not be the biggest space to store your things, it still does a goodjob of keeping your belongings covered.

We’re all told to stay away from electric outlets, so robbers aren’t going to spendtime looking for every single outlet to see if there’s anything stored inside.


Diversion Can Safe- Diversion can safes are one of the best sensible things on sale becausethey camouflage as everyday objects and are perfect for when you are traveling or evenat home.

They are especially ideal when going camping or hiking outdoors and so thief wants to rummagethrough cans of food.

There are so many types of diversion can safes, anything from a container of gum, a bottleof Windex and even deodorant sprays.

According to the Chicago Crime Commission, a robber spends an average of 8 minutes ina person’s home, so put the odds in your favor and hide what you can.

These products are usually weighted to feel full, so even if a robber picks it up or pushesit to the side, they’ll never know what’s truly inside.


Soda Bottle Stash- Another unique way to hide your belongings is the creating a compartmentin a soda bottle.

All you need is a plastic bottle of soda, a small empty container that can fit inside,a knife, a glue gun and some hot glue.

Start by draining the bottle and cutting the bottle in half.

Place the container inside and fill the bottle back up with soda.

Hot glue the jar, so it fits snug into the bottle and then afterward join the two halvestogether and seal it with glue.

Make sure there are no leaks in the bottle and apply the label with a glue stick.

Now you can fill it with money or whatever else you’d like!It is the perfect place to hide things while in plain sight.

You can store in your refrigerator or in the back of the pantry too.

Most people won’t try to pry open a bottle of warm soda either, so even if you let itcollect dust people might think that it’s old and will make it less appealing to wanderingeyes.


Kids Room- What better place to store your valuables than the kids’ room?No burglar would ever think of going to the kid's room to find anything important.

Plus the most important thing to a child is their toys, video games, and their favoriteshort or collectible baseball card.

In fact, I’m sure they would love a robber coming in there and stealing their homework,but this is highly unlikely.

You can stash your belongings in the kids closet for safe keeping or even camouflageit within their clothes or toys to be sure.

When a robber breaks into your home, they waste no time in heading straight for theparent’s bedroom and grabbing whatever they can get their hands on.

So by leaving your most valuable items in the kid's room then you reduce the chancesof a burglar taking your most treasured belongings.


Tile Wall Storage- You can make a hidden storage in your bathroom by removing a tile or twoin the shower and making a small hole.

Then just simply replace the tile and boom!Now you have the ideal spot to store whatever you want.

What a creative idea!I mean how many burglars are going to head straight for the bathroom when they enteryour house?Now the only important part is you have to remember which tile is the secret hiding spot.


Computer Keyboard Storage- Some assembly might be required for this, but a hollow keyboardmakes the perfect storage safe for cash and small items.

This is especially useful in the office to store paperclips, sticky notes, pens, pencils,erasers; you name it!If you’re tired of your coworkers stealing your office products and never replacing them,then this is the ideal item for you.

They won’t suspect a thing with this keyboard hidden safe, and no one will even think tocheck underneath it.

However, if they turn on your computer and find that they keyboard isn’t working, thenthey might catch on or think your keyboard is broken.

But pretty sure this is highly unlikely.


Oversized Painting Storage- Got any large paintings or big pictures lying around thehouse?Well, you can create great works of art on the wall and hide your electronics and othervaluables at the same time.

All you have to do is create a hole in the wall that will be your storage area and drillholes for the wires to run through.

This is an excellent way to keep cords organized and mess free.

Plus it’s also safe enough to conceal money, documents, jewelry or even snacks from youfamily.

It is also an excellent opportunity to add new artwork to your wall as well.

Think of it as hitting two birds with one stone!4.

Secret Storage Sofa- We’ve all probably lost stuff or even placed things under thecouch for safe keeping, but it’s easy to get to and pretty visible to see what’sunderneath.

But what about hiding stuff within your sofa?There are many storage sofas for sale, or you can make one yourself that tucks in underneathyour actual couch.

But whether you need to hide your valuables or just want to keep clutter away, then thesecret storage sofa is the best product for the job!No one would think of looking at your couch to find your belongings.

Now unless they’re looking for the remote and pull apart the couch, then they mightfind some stuff.


Car Hiding Stash- Alright so you probably heard of people hiding things in their vehicle,whether it’s under the car seat or tucked away in the trunk, these are prominent placesthat are easy to find.

If you want to hide things effectively, you have to think outside the box and look forthe most discreet places in your car.

You can build a secret compartment that goes behind the glove box, but this is going totake some time and patience.

Or you can hide things in your cigarette lighter, but that won’t store many items.

Well thankfully, there is now a hidden sliding vehicle box that locks under the passengerseat.

It includes a lock a key or a combination lock and even a biometric fingerprint scanninglock.

Start by test fitting your slide so you can screw it safely under your chair.

After you remove the padding and drill some holes, all you have to do is attach the slide,and you're ready to go!2.

DIY Key Concealer-Have you locked yourself out of your house again, and you need to storea hidden key but don’t know where to hide it?Well, there’s an awesome do it yourself key hider that also blends in well with youryard.

All you need is a pinecone, and an old prescription bottle Start off by removing the label fromthe bottle and find an old pinecone or a rock of your choice.

Then attach the disguise onto the bottom of the bottle with some epoxy adhesive.

Avoid using a hot glue gun as it dry up and fall off.

Now once your key is inside, hide it in a place that’s easy to spot.

Dig a small hole and cover it with the rock or pinecone on top and you’re all set togo!1.

Beach Vault- Going to the beach but worried about leaving your belongings out in the open?This can deter you from enjoying a nice swim or basking in the sun if you’re always onthe lookout for people.

Well not to worry because an entrepreneur has invented a special locker can screw intothe sand while keeping all your personal items safe.

Marcal DaCunha’s unique Beach Vault retails around $20 to $23 and is waterproof too.

The safe comes equipped with a towel that has a hole cut for easy access that is hiddenby an inflatable pillow that attaches to it.

Its inventor states that he came up with this idea when he and wife were traveling homefrom the beach.

Now anybody can invest in a beach vault and will never have to worry about their cellphone, wallet or keys being stolen.

In fact, there’s even enough space for a book and an iPad mini!.

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